5 Must Have Medical Kit Items at Home

In the present pandemic times, it is essential to stock essential medical kit items to keep your family safe and protected. It is imperative to follow the necessary precautionary guidelines to keep the epidemic at bay.

Following these simple steps can help you protect your family:
• Wash your hands often
• Sport face mask when you step out of home
• Cover cough and sneeze with tissue
• Avoid touching your face
• Maintain social distancing at all times

Let’s look at 5 medical kit items to protect your family.

Generic 3 In 1 Extra Steamer cum Vaporizer

The Generic 3 in 1 vaporizer is an essential medical kit for your home. The light weight steamer can be used for both medical and beauty care purposes. The steam sauna can ease chest and nasal congestion or cough. The steamer can also be used as sauna for cleaning your face. The vaporizer comes with nasal steamer, vaporizer and facial sauna. One should use only tap water for the steamer. In the beginning, there might be slight odour of plastic burning while operating the steamer.
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K-Life FTP-102 Finger Tip Pulse Oximeter with free storage pouch

K-Life FTP-102 finger tip pulse oximeter provides accurate reading of oxygen level in the blood and pulse rate through the finger artery. The oximeter displays accurate readings of oxygen saturation and pulse monitoring via an HD LED display. The device is built in with a sounding alarm which will notify if the readings are beyond the pre-set values.
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Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray Sanitizer

The Savlon surface disinfectant spray sanitizer should be handy as it can be used to disinfect all germs prone areas, especially packages you bring from outside. It can kill 999.99% germs including a wide range of virus, bacteria, molds and fungi. Shake well and spray it on exposed areas. Allow the spray to air dry on the surface.
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Omron MC 246 Digital Thermometer

The Omron MC 246 digital thermometer is a safe way to get accurate and quick temperature reading. It features memory that recalls last reading and has an auto off function. The calibration states temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. The water resistant thermometer comes with one year warranty.
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Rakshan Natural Latex All-Purpose Powder-Free Gloves

It is important to keep a stock of high quality gloves at home in case of any emergency. If there is a unforeseen travel to public place or spending inordinate time at public settings, it would be safe to sport good quality gloves with good grip. The Rakshan Natural latex powder free gloves are surgical quality gloves that comes further up the arm, providing better protection. These gloves can be washed or sanitized for longer use.
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Always eat healthy and stay positive to keep your immunity strong. Savour the simple pleasures of life and always stay optimistic.

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