5 Stylish Vegan Handbags for Women

As a practicing vegan, there is no need to stay away from women’s handbags that are contemporary and trendy due to the leather element in it. Today, there are very stylish handbags that are made of vegan leather.

Vegan leather bags are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC), form of plastic waste or polyurethane, made from plant wastes, flowers and fruit waste. The vegan leather or faux leather makes for a superior choice while considering the cruelty forced on animals or the pollution caused by the leather industry. So, switching to a vegan leather handbags is an exemplary path of contributing towards a greener planet.

Vegan Handbags also assure you the classy looks and finish of animal leather. Here are 5 very stylish vegan women handbags online to keep you stylish and contemporary.

Jute Canvas Vegan Hand bags

The classy juton canvas vegan tote handbag is made from a mix of jute and organic cotton with vegan leather handles. The inner lining is made of recycled PET bottles. The super spacious tote bag with the beautiful zebra print serves as a reminder to us that we need to save this beautiful planet for the sake of these marvelous creatures.
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Teal Birds Crossbody Bag

The attractive teal birds crossbody vegan handbag is made of durable vegan leather making it an elegant and trendy handbag for your casual outings. The adjustable shoulder strap and the good storage capacity makes it very appealing. The chic bag comes with 2 year warranty.
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Vegan Leather Handbags with Detachable Shoulder Strap

The ethnic styled vegan shoulder bag is a classic handbag for everyday use. The bags are made of fine Indian print fabric and vegan leather. The bag is extremely stylish and classy with adjustable shoulder strap. The elegant bag is available in beautiful varied Indian prints.
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Vegan Leather Arch Crossbody Bag

The glamorous trendy black crossbody vegan handbag is absolutely stylish with plenty of storage space for carrying your everyday essentials. The lightweight bag is made of durable vegan leather and comes with chain shoulder strap providing comfort and style.
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Fancy Vegan Tote Bag

The very fancy tote styled vegan handbag stands out with its beautiful floral print. The bag is made of strong cotton and comes with faux leather shoulder handles. The handbag is comfortable and trendy for every day use. The super stylish tote bag is available in beautiful HD floral prints and come with 2 year warranty.
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Go vegan with your handbags to make an eco-friendly choice, taking a step towards saving mother earth.

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