5 Trendy Elegant Embroidered Face Masks

Today, wearing elegant face masks are a part of your fashionable attire. So, if you want to look trendy and smart, pairing a stylish cloth masks along with your attire is important to create a fashionable look. An embroidered face mask brings understated elegance and feminine allure to your look.

Beautiful embroidery always enhances the look of any garment. Cloth mask embroidery design bring out a gorgeous charm making the face masks very vibrant with the embellishment detailing.

Let’s look at 5 trendy elegant embroidery mask for women.

Black Cotton 3 layered embroidered mask

The black beautiful embroidered cloth mask makes a standout fashion statement with the elegant embroidery. The three layered cotton mask comes with adjustable ear loop adjuster and nose pin for better fit. Get fashionable and trendy with this black beauty embroidery mask.
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Stunning Colours Embroidered Face Masks

The pastel coloured embroidered set of 3 face masks with delicate embroidery make for very attractive and elegant masks. The mask offers 3 layered protection and comes with adjustable ear loops. The comfortable cloth masks are trendy and give a stylish fashionable look.
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Embroidery Face Mask Set of 6

The bright and vibrant embroidered face masks are made of comfortable soft cotton. The set of 6 embroidery masks are ideal for both men and women. The beautiful embroidery adds a subtle elegance to the cloth masks.
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Embroidered Floral Combo Face Masks

The attractive embroidered cotton cloth mask offer 3 layered protection and are very comfortable. The pack of 3 mask is very gentle on the skin and comes with attractive ear adjusters. The cloth embroidery mask also comes with a free mask bag.
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Border Embroidery designer Face Mask

The set of 6 simple embroidered cotton cloth mask are made of skin friendly material making it ideal for people with sensitive skin or allergies. The mask allows gentle wearing providing comfort during long time use. The cloth embroidery mask is made of 100% cotton.
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Set your own style statement with the beautiful embroidered face masks.

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