5 Valuable Lessons to Learn from Nature during Pandemic

As we celebrate yet another World Environment Day today in the midst of the Covid pandemic, it should not be lost upon us that we have vital lessons to learn from nature. As the self-appointed smart alecks on earth, we still have spent the past year floundering in agony over an indistinguishable virus.

Over the last one and half years, we have been grounded into long periods of isolation by Mother Nature, perhaps as a punishment for our unforgivable behaviour towards environment, driven by mindless greed. As we spend time in confinement, mother earth wants us humans to contemplate upon our actions and its effects on our environment.

Let’s look at 5 valuable lessons to learn from nature.

Lesson to not mess with Nature

Speculation has been mounting recently that COVID-19 pandemic could have been caused by a lab leak where the coronavirus was being studied upon by manipulating the viruses to increase their infectiousness in order to study the potential damage on human beings. While the leak hypothesis is yet to be substantiated, there is no denying that such leaks have the potential to wreck havoc across the world.
The National Institute of Allergies and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) director Dr. Anthony Fauci wrote in 2012 defending such studies stating that the knowledge from scientific research outweighs the risk of a potential man-made pandemic caused by such accident. The past one and half year has taught us that pandemic can be catastrophic. Humans should refrain from manipulating nature’s macrocosm as it can backfire on us with devastating fatal outcomes.

Best things in the World are Free

There is no ignoring the fact that the pandemic has forced many unfortunate people into poverty and hunger. While the luckier ones are safely ensconced within the comforts of our home with the best of technology and luxury. Nonetheless, we remain miserable and stressed. We are sheathed in arrogance over the powers of technology to connect worldwide remotely, while also ruminating in despondency over the isolation. We all crave to to feel the sun on our disencumbered face as we take a stroll up the hill or frolic with the waves on the beach with our loved ones. Nature’s all encompassing free treasure trove is more precious than the smart technology.

Lesson to Learn that Nature is Powerful

Since time immemorial, humans have been exerting their power on every precious inch of nature’s treasures by encroaching with greed on earth’s resources. Today, the human race has been reduced into petrified prisoners in their own smart homes. As we continue to plunder and exploit the treasures of nature, COVID -19 has exposed our fragile existence showing us that nature holds the power to make or break the mortal humans. Our future survival hinges on the how we respect and safeguard the benevolent nature.

Lesson to Learn that Nature has no Boundaries

We find immense contentment and solace in our identity marked by our race, religion or nationality. As a result, we have demarcating boundaries across mother earth to isolate us and keep us safe. Nevertheless, COVID-19 came barging through these boundaries, mocking our flimsy barriers as if to show us that we are all one and the same. Yet, we continue to involve in violence bickering over boundaries even as humanity fights the pandemic in unison. The pandemic is calling on us humans to come together and build an inclusive and livable world.

Nature is a Survivor

Mother Nature is the biggest testament of survival, having made it through devastating afflictions since its existence. Thus, the enduring legacy of resilience, to hold on and flourish with the passing time has to be our biggest take away from mother earth. We need to come out stronger as well as wiser from the pandemic experience. Moreover, the selfless inspirational acts of kindness gives us hope that we humans are capable of unending compassion even in adversity. The goodness of human race should especially reflect on Mother Nature in the aftermath of the pandemic.

As we fight the pandemic, let’s take solace from our guardian angel, Mother Nature who is undoubtedly the greatest healer along with our only life source.

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