Buddha home decor has become an integral part of decoration due to its universal acceptance as a symbol of peace and harmony. The general belief is that the Buddha decoration at home gives your abode a warm and refined ambiance.

Buddha Postures Explained and where to Keep Buddha Statue in House?

Before picking a Buddha statue to decorate your home, it is imperative to understand the significance of the different buddha postures and the right place to decorate them in your home. One should bear in mind to place a buddha painting or statue at your eye level or above it in a clutter-free corner of your home.

  • Meditating Buddha with hands on the lap represents inner peace and can be placed in the pooja room or in the area where you like to meditate.
  • Buddha statue with a raised hand is symbolic of protection and maintains peace by overcoming fear. This statue should face the main entrance of the home.
  • Buddha statue with his right hand facing downward is symbolic of eternal knowledge and should point towards the east side of the home.
  • Praying Buddha invariably represents faith and peaceful positivity and can be placed in the praying corner of your home.
  • When placing a Buddha statue in the garden, ensure to place it close to a water body or flowering plant as a symbol of spiritual growth.
  • Reclining Buddha represents nirvana and the achievement of internal peace. Buddha should face west and should recline to the right side.
  • Bust of Buddha is a more contemporary art piece that is symbolic of self-knowledge looks sophisticated in any clean corner of your home.

Buddha Statue for Home Décor

Buddha statue is a valuable addition to your home as it ushers in positive and relaxing energy into your home. By placing a buddha statue in the living room, you elevate the interior home décor while also creating sophisticated tranquility in your home. Bring positive energy and prosperity into your home with the Buddha statue.

Buddha Garden Statue

Placing a Buddha statue in the garden is obviously a great way to radiate peace and comfort outdoors, especially if you like to meditate. Always ensure that you especially place the Buddha in a clean corner of the garden and at least three feet above the ground. If you prefer meditating, make sure to light scented candles or incense sticks to create a serene aura.

Buddha Water Fountain for Home

Buddha statue coupled with the water element is clearly a powerful source of harmony as the water element brings positive energy into the home. Always make sure to position the water fountain Buddha on a small table above eye level. The best place for the Buddha water fountain is definitely next to the entrance or the living room in the north direction.

Buddha Head Décor

The Buddha’s head has an incredible contemporary charm making it a prominent artifact for home decor. One can particularly place the Buddha head in the north-east direction of the room to radiate positive energy. For academic success, it is best to place a small Buddha head on the corner of the table facing east.

Buddha 3D Wallpaper for Living Room

To enhance the interiors of your home, go for Lord Buddha 3D Wall stickers. Give your walls an absolutely calm and positive vibration by using these easy-to-stick wall pictures. One can use the spiritual wallpapers in bedroom walls, living rooms to create a magnificent home décor element to your walls.

Buddha figurines are not just meant for decorating your home, the different Buddha poses are a gentle reminder of the positive images ingrained in them.