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5 Cute Animal Themed Backpacks for Preschool Kids

A backpack is a great companion for kids while going to school or travelling. When going for casual outings, preschool kids love carrying their toys and crayons in their own backpacks. Animal themed backpacks for preschoolers are a favourite pick among kids because kids love animals and find the backpacks adorable. Animal themed children’s backpacks are perfect for preschool, daycare, hiking and day trips.

While picking a backpack, make sure the kids backpacks are functional, safe and washable. The kids will love the soft, lightweight, colourful animal themed backpacks.

Let’s look at 5 cute eye catching animal themed backpacks for preschoolers.

Cute Kids Animal Cartoon Backpack

The cute blue penguin kids backpack is suitable for kids between 1-6 years old. The colourful and vibrant penguin backpack is made of super soft plush material and high quality zipper. The non-toxic material and washable fabric makes it very kids friendly.
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Cute Kids Animal Cartoon Backpack

The cute rabbit backpack is very adorable and kids will instantly fall in love with it. The animal themed backpack is made of soft plush material with cotton interior. The child will find it very comfortable to carry and easy to open and close.
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Soft Velvet Backpack Bags for Kids

The blue elephant backpack is cute and cuddly and will be a favourite with the kids. The lightweight bag is made of soft and skin friendly fabric. The kid will love to carry it around to preschool or travels. There are several other animal themed backpacks in the collection.
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Butterfly Kids Velvet Backpack

The beautiful pink butterfly backpack is definitely very attractive as well as very spacious for the kids needs. Moreover, the soft fabric is made from safe materials and is washable. The cuddly bag with animal theme will be a favourite with the kid. There are several other attractive animal themed bags.
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Combo backpacks for Kids

The cute rabbit backpack and kaola combo backpacks are definitely very soft as well as too cute to resist. Hence, the cool animal design makes these bags very special. The bags are also made of super soft material and high quality zipper.
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Gift the cute, beautiful backpacks to your kids and watch them celebrate with joy.

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