As the pandemic has forced us to spend more time indoors, playing board games is an absolutely great way to entertain and spend time with your family members. Therefore, let go of your digital devices and bond with your family members over board games. There are definitely some great board games to play that will allow you to entertain and bond with your family.

Board games not only helps you enjoy having a great time but also provides wonderful benefits:

• Is a great stress buster as playing board games releases endorphins and leaves you feeling happy.
• Allows family bonding as you interact and truly connect with each other on a one to one basis.
• Laughter and jokes follow all board games and the lively fun will boost your immune system.
Improves your cognitive skills as it facilitates strategic thinking, reasoning and problem solving.
• Boosts your creativity and teaches you essential life skills like goal setting and patience.
• Allows some healing time as the board games provide a break from digital devices for the family.

Here are 5 best board games for family that will allow you to have fun with your family:

RATNA’S Picnic Board Family Game Big Fun

The Ratna’s Picnic board family game is undoubtedly a fun and interesting game to play with the kids and family. The board games for kids also comes with game money, gala cards and dice. Besides, children are sure to enjoy the game and it will increase their eye hand coordination and motor skill.
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Mattel Scrabble Board Game

The Scrabble Board games require no introduction as it is an absolutely classic word game. It is a great game to improve your vocabulary as you make the best word using any of your 7 letter tiles drawn at random. The board is also strong and sturdy with robust tiles. Besides, the game provides very good mental exercise as it is useful in developing vocabulary along with building strong spelling ability. The Scrabble board games for kids educates as well as entertains.
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Monopoly Game: Ultimate Banking Edition Board Game

The Monopoly game is absolutely the ultimate game for the family to get together and have some fun. It is also a great game for children to understand the basics of economy like property ownership, taxation and economic inequality. This game particularly comes with a banking unit that allows instant transactions. It also consists of gameboard, ultimate banking unit, plastic tokens, houses, cards and dice.
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Funskool Scotland Yard

Funskool Scotland Yard board game is definitely the game for you, if you enjoy some detective game. Furthermore, the Scotland Yard board game is designed as London’s map along with 125 fare tickets, start and special move cards, a log book and six plastic pawns. One of the players takes on the role of Mr. X and the other players have to trace and capture Mr. X through plans and strategies.
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TOYZTREND Fantasy-6 Game. Family Fun Game with 5 Boards in ONE Pack and ONE BRAINVITA

The Toyztrend Fantasy – 6 game is definitely a must have board game at home as it contacts fun 6 games to play with your family. The family fun games include 2 car rally, 2 football, 1 cricket, 1 snake and ladders and a Ludo game. It will also be a lively experience trying out the different board games.
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You can have an entertaining time with your family with these fun board games. Enjoy some stress free time with your family just like the old times, without stepping out of your homes.