5 Romantic Personalized Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day celebrations are incomplete without a personalized Valentines day gifts to express your heart’s feelings to your loved ones. It could be a handwritten note or a specially chosen gift to make your loved ones feel special. Nothing compares to watching your loved one’s face glow with happiness as they open an exclusive valentine’s […]

5 Ways to Support a Survivor of Sexual Attack

The new Vanitha magazine cover featuring the sexual assault case accused Dileep with his family has raked in a lot of angst from several quarters. Fostering an accused in a mainstream women’s magazine has to be the worst form of burlesque narrative. Why is Vanitha magazine’s cover page disgraceful? The glossy Dileep Vanitha photo with […]

5 Buddha Home Decor Ideas

Buddha home decor has become an integral part of decoration due to its universal acceptance as a symbol of peace and harmony. The general belief is that the Buddha decoration at home gives your abode a warm and refined ambiance. Buddha Postures Explained and where to Keep Buddha Statue in House? Before picking a Buddha […]

5 Types of Best Soap for Infants

Baby skin is sensitive and loses dampness faster than an adult’s, prompting the need to pick a baby soap best suited for the infant’s skin. So, selecting the best soap for infants is one of the first tasks for a new parent. Which baby soap is best for your baby? A baby’s skin is very […]

5 Vital Lessons from Farmers Protest

The rollback of farm laws by the Government of India comes as a historic win for the farmers’ protest. Close to 700 farmers lost their lives during the nearly year-long struggle but the victory is a powerful testament to the triumph of democracy, a potent trademark of the people’s movement. In the present times, our […]

5 Stylish Lace Shrugs for Dresses

Lace shrugs for dresses or tops can instantly do wonders to your outfit. The lace shrug is an elegant accessory to create an amazing feminine look to your complete attire. Lace shrugs will definitely add an element of exquisite layering to your daily wear. The timeless appeal of the lace will add a captivating elegance […]

5 Stylish Colourful Denim Jacket for Women

A denim jacket is clearly a must have accessory but the colourful denim jacket adds a more edgy and contemporary vibe to your fashion style. Therefore, if you want to give the timeless ladies denim jacket a vibrant makeover, then go for the peppy bright colour denim jackets. Denim jacket for women offer some obviously […]

5 Must Watch Brilliant Suraj Venjaramoodu Movies

With contemporary Malayalam cinema being celebrated and hailed across digital platforms, Malayalam actors have also found widespread recognition. Fahad Faasil reigns supreme as the digital platform superstar, but the one actor who has been impressed with his incredible range and versatility is Suraj Venjaramoodu. If you love Malayalam movies, then Suraj Venjaramoodu movies should absolutely become a […]

5 Trendy Maternity Kurtis for Expecting Mothers

Maternity kurtis allow you to remain absolutely stylish as well as comfortable during the special pregnancy period. The maternity figure needs to be celebrated and cherished with comfortable as well as contemporary styling. Maternity fashion is all about combining style along with being effortlessly snug. Maternity kurta particularly rates high on both the factors. The […]

5 Stylish Tiered Anarkali Kurta for Special Occasions

The tiered anarkali kurta definitely has an elegant captivating look to it. The tiered Anarkali is not only comfortable but also has a very rich sophisticated look to it. The tiered style without a doubt gives the Anarkali kurti a very feminine allure to it. The best part is that the tiered anarkali looks absolutely […]


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