5 Styles of Trendy Daily Wear Dress for Ladies at Home

Comfort has to be the biggest factor while considering daily wear dress for ladies at home. Home is where you want to relax and snuggle in comfort without giving up on the style factor. One should go for clothes that are comfortable at home taking into consideration the climate of the place. Here are factors […]

5 Types of Comfy Stylish Home Wear Pants for Ladies

As we increasingly find ourselves spending more time indoors, it is important to get a stylish and cosy wardrobe for home wear. The home wear pants for ladies can be effortlessly stylish allowing you to lounge in style within the comforts of your home. Even when relaxing and staying safe at home, one should opt […]

5 Types of Resistance Bands – Exercise with Resistance Band to Stay Fit

Fitness at home is the smartest option in the present times. If you are looking for an affordable full body workout option to burn fat and strengthen muscles, then you should opt to exercise with resistance band. A resistance band is a rubber elastic flexible rope which is used to induce muscle contraction. Apart from […]

5 Types of Smart Office Table for Home to Work from Home Efficiently

With working from home becoming the norm of the present times, a smart office table for home will help you handle your work with diligent professionalism. As you try to create an office space within your home, it is important to go for an efficient office table design that will suit your personal requirements. The […]

5 Best Stationary Bike for Home – Benefits of Stationary Bike Workout

As we increasingly spend more and more time indoors, it has become imperative to seek out ways to maintain fitness from within the comforts of your home. A stationary bike is a great way to fulfil your fitness goals indoors. An exercise bike for home will give you a comfortable workout which is not strenuous […]

5 Valuable Lessons to Learn from Nature during Pandemic

As we celebrate yet another World Environment Day today in the midst of the Covid pandemic, it should not be lost upon us that Mother Nature is conveying vital lessons to human beings. As the self-appointed smart alecks on earth, we have spent the past year floundering in agony over an indistinguishable virus. Over the […]

5 Best Skipping Rope – Benefits of Skipping Rope for Weight Loss

The pandemic has confined us all within our homes. One of the biggest fallout has been the lack of exercise as we cannot indulge in the usual fitness activities like walks, gym sessions or outdoor sports depriving us of the much needed workout. The skipping rope is a great economical pick towards the upkeep of […]

5 Stylish Marilyn Monroe Poster to Brighten your Home

Marilyn Monroe would have turned 95 today, but even with the passing years she continues to be remembered as the brightest siren to grace the big screen. Marilyn Monroe is the most popular sex symbol who continues to enchant the new generation with her iconic feminine charm. The beauty of Marilyn Monroe continues to be […]

5 Best Trendy Face Mask for Kids

The pandemic should not become a dampener to the children’s regular activities. It is vital for children to get adequate exercise and sunlight. During the pandemic times, we should make sure that children regularly get to go outdoors to feel rejuvenated, which will benefit the kids both physically and mentally. Children should be taken for […]

5 Trendy Kurti Pant Set for Women

The kurti remains the most popular and comfortable Indian ethnic wear. To lend a contemporary aura to the ethnic kurti, pair up the kurti with a pant. The kurti and pant set has become a popular choice for office wear as the outfit lends a groomed modern finesse to the conventional kurti style. The kurti […]


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