The autobiography books of Bollywood actors are definitely the best choice if you are fascinated by the intriguing world of Bollywood glamour and glitz. The autobiography books offer an insight into their private lives as well as their journey in the public Bollywood bubble.

Let’s look at the 5 best Bollywood autobiography books.

Dilip Kumar – The Substance and the Shadow

The Dilip Kumar autobiography narrated to Udayatara Nayar takes us through his eventful journey in filmdom. The books also gives us a glimpse of his journey, who grew up in Peshawar as Mohammed Yusuf Khan. Furthermore, the book reveals the unknown facets of his life including his personal life, film experiences and relationships in film fraternity.
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Dev Anand – Romancing with Life

The autobiography of one of the first evergreen romantic heroes of Bollywood obviously serves as a journal of the industry from the time when India won its independence. The book gives glimpses on his acting life along with personal life while touching upon historical events from time to time. Thus, the book serves as inspirational read as it shares his rags to riches story.
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Neena Gupta – Sach Kahun Toh

The autobiography of Neena Gupta is without a doubt a candid narration of her remarkable journey through life and films. The well written memoir traces her personal setbacks along with the tasting of success after long struggle. The book is rich with the experience of a well lived life, undaunted by perceptions of society .
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Naseeruddin Shah – And Then One Day

And Then One Day, autobiography of Naseeruddin Shah is an unsparingly honest autobiography about his childhood and journey into films. He also discusses his difficult relationships along with his formative years from NSD to establishing in films. The memoir is filled with brutal truth about his life experiences.
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Priyanka Chopra – Unfinished

The book Unfinished is a memoir tracing her eventful journey of life, laced with highs and lows. The book traces her journey from Miss India to Bollywood, and starting form scratch in Hollywood. Thus, depicting the true challenges of life. The memoir is an inspirational read on how to push yourself and set new boundaries.
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Here’s a list of books written by Bollywood actors and directors.

Prem Chopra – Prem Naam Hai Mera
Satyajit Ray – Childhood Days A Memoir
Asha Parekh – The Hit Girl
Ayushmann Khurana – Cracking the Code
Mamta Kulkarni – Autobiography of an Yogini
Anu Agarwal – Anusual: Memoirs of a Girl Who Came Back From The Dead
Vyjayantimala Bali – Bonding… A Memoir
Karan Johar – An Unsuitable Boy
Ram Gopal Varma – Guns & Thighs: The Story of My Life
Kareena Kapoor – The Style Diary of a Bollywood Diva

Happy reading about Bollywood!