Urli is a decorative bowl with great traditional significance in South Indian Hindu culture. The word uruli or urli meaning is derived from the tamil word urulai which means round, signifying a round bowl. The brass urli bowl has been an integral part of our tradition often used for cooking and decorative purposes. The brass uruli in particular also has spiritual significance, making it an integral part of the festival of Vishu celebrated as the new year in Kerala.

Today, the urli bowl has without a doubt become a popular decorative item of human décor due to its timeless traditional touch. Furthermore, a brass urli bowl can completely elevate the look of the interior space through creative displays. According to Vastu, placing a water filled urli facing the main door is very auspicious to attract and retain the wealth of the house or office. Additionally, the water and flower filled urli provides a welcoming ambience to the guests. The decorative brass urli can be placed in different parts of the home including the pooja room, balcony or the drawing hall to give an antique charm to the interiors.

Interesting Ways to Style Decorative Urli Bowl


• Fill the urli with water and add scented oil for a lingering refreshing aroma inside the home.
• Decorate the water filled uruli with flowers or petals to create an aesthetic ambience.
• Fill the urli bowl with multicoloured pebbles to create an appealing colour palette.
• A plain uruli placed on a side table can create an interesting vintage charm to the interiors.
Place candles in water filled urlis to create an enchanting feel to the interiors.

The decorative brass urlis come in varied designs. Each style of urli holds its own unique charm and appeal. The decorative urlis make for great housewarming gift ideas. The brass urli are the perfect pick for traditional housewarming gifts.

Let’s look at 5 types of decorative brass urli online to illuminate and brighten the interior.

Small Miniature Brass Urli

The small miniatrure brass urli is definitely the best choice if your interiors cannot accommodate a large urli. Despite its small size, the small miniature uruli also manages to create ethnic feel. For instance, you can place it on the side table or the coffee table to create an appealing traditional touch.

Large Traditional Brass Urli

The large traditional brass urli is the most common urli used in particular to adorn the entrance of your home. Hence, fill the urli with water along with flowers for an absolutely traditional feel. The large brass urli will undoubtedly create an antique aesthetic aura. The large urlis can not only be placed on the ground but also on the coffee table to create a mesmerizing decor.


Floral Designer Brass Urli

If you want to elevate the traditional look of the urli with an artistic aura, then opt for the floral designer urli. The floral designer brass urli will especially create an enchanting décor for your interior. Furthermore, the floral artwork on the urli will bring out an artistic appearance to the interiors.


Carved Designer Brass Urli

The carved designer brass urli will undoubtedly help in creating a statement décor. The beautiful carved designs on the whole will add mystical charm to the decorative urli bowl. The carvings of gods, bells and birds create a dramatic style statement as well as enchanting charm to your home interior. For instance, the Ganesha urli or peacock urli will add radiance to your interiors.

Brass Urli Sets

The brass urli sets are the best pick if you want to create an interesting display of brass urlis. The brass urli sets will definitely recreate a spiritual depth to the interiors. Therefore, organize the brass urli sets to create an enchanting traditional decor.

Create an absolutely magical charm with the decorative brass urlis in your home.