We all want our home to be a peaceful abode to unwind from the worries and stress. The key to importantly creating peace at home is to be keep the interiors well organized along with clutter free space to stimulate calm vibes. The interiors of the house can be illuminated with a painting of Lord Buddha painting because of its innate serenity. Buddha is a symbol of peace and positivity besides being a divine part of our rich Indian culture.

The word ‘Buddha’ means the enlightened one. Having a painting of Buddha in our home adds a spiritually enlightening aura to our living space. The Buddha wall sticker or paintings are particularly symbolic of peace and bliss. According to Feng Shui, placing an artwork of Lord Buddha brings positive energy or the chi form of energy into your home.

While placing a painting of Lord Buddha in your home for positivity, here are 5 pointers to generally take note of:

• Always place the painting in an elevated position and away from clutter.

• Placing the painting on wall right opposite the main front door ensures positivity as well as peace inside your home space.

• The north-east corner of the home is a powerful divine place and the painting of Lord Buddha can be placed there to stimulate the high energy of the corner.

• You can definitely place the painting in the spiritual corner of your home to create positive vibes.

• Placing the serene painting on wall in study area is a great way to create a positive ambience along with serene calm in the space.

Let’s look at Buddha paintings for your home to elevate the aura of your inner space .

SAF Set of 3 Buddha Painting

The SAF Set of 3 Buddha Vastu print is made of high quality synthetic frame without glass. Altogether, the painting consists of 3 UV textured Buddha print and ornamental plant.
Dimensions – 57.2 x 0.8 x 34.3 cms
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Giant Innovative Lord Buddha Poster

The Giant Innovative Lord Buddha wall sticker poster comes without frame and has two sided tape for pasting. Furthermore, the painting is on 250 GSM quality paper.
Dimensions – 29 cm x 44 cm
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Art Bundle Buddha Synthetic Unframed Poster

The Art Bundle Buddha poster is an especially elegant painting without frame. The poster is also printed on 300 Gsm quality paper with matte finish.
Dimensions – 12″ X 18″
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ArtX Gautam Buddha Framed Watercolor

The ArtX spiritual Buddha watercolour artwork is absolutely classy with black coloured frame and no glass covering. Moreover, the remarkable painting comes with textured matt finish.
Dimensions – 33 x 33 x 1.5 cm
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PARI ARTS Beautiful Wall Painting Buddha

The serene Pari Arts Buddha painting will clearly radiate a peaceful calm to the surroundings. Furthermore, it is framed on 7mm heavy mdf board and is also easy to hang.
Dimensions – 56cm x 70cm
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PARI ARTS Beautiful Wall Painting Buddha

The Pari Arts vibrant painting will undoubtedly add depth and elegance to your interiors. The painting with matt along with textured finish is framed on 7mm heavy mdf board.
Dimensions – 56cm x 70cm
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In particular, always pick a painting that fits in with your interior décor. The most fascinating part of a Buddha painting is that it aligns well with any kind of décor. To sum up, let the spiritual painting breathe vibrant life into your most precious abode.