A splash of green brought in by a decorative live plant in ceramic plant pots can instantly breathe fresh serenity to your interiors. If you love decorating your home with indoor plants on your tabletops, window sills or your balcony, then you need to get yourself some very appealing ceramic plant pots to brighten up your garden space.

Ceramic pots for plants are a great pick for indoor gardening as they keep the soil moist and are very easy to maintain. You can just wash them up without fear of any discolouration. The ceramic planter pots inspired by the beautiful animals will add an extra depth of exotic beauty to your lively green plants and interior home decor.

The best choice of plants for these tiny cute ceramic pots are money plant, lucky bamboo, aloe vera and other succulent plants. Another great idea is to plant a naturally sprouted onion from your kitchen in these pots.

If you want to grow sprouted onions, you have to first plant them in water before shifting them into soil filled ceramic pots. You can learn the process here.

Once the greens appear, you can cut them with a scissor and use it in your cooking as tasty garnish while making fried rice, noodles or other recipes. Another great kitchen herb you can grow in these planter pots is the mint leaves or pudina.

Let’s look at 5 small animal themed planter pots that will make for great decorative pieces for your table or window sill. Here are cute animal themed ceramic planters online.

Tortoise Ceramic Plant Pot for Indoor Plants

The tortoise ceramic planter pot is handmade with good quality clay in high temperature and comes with very solid glazed finish. It comes with a water drainage hole which is important for the plants to be healthy. You can plant real or artificial plants in the cute ceramic pots.
Size : 19.5X13.5X:7 CM (LXWXH)
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India Meets India Ceramic Flower Plant Pot

The cute tiny ceramic planter pots with animal themes are made by Indian pottery artisans. The elephant, turtle, fish and other animals are sure to add a dainty charm to your indoors. The unique appeal of the beautifully crafted ceramic plant pots are sure to add a ornate touch to your home décor.
Size: Elephant-3″, Turtle-4″, Dog-4.5″, Sheep-4″, Bird-4.5″, Fish-4″ Inch
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Blushing Cat Ceramic Planter Pot

The blushing cat ceramic planter pot is clearly easy to fall in love with if you love cats. The adorable ceramic plant pots also comes with an artificial plant. Moreover, one can use it a as a decorative piece on your table top or window sill for an artful, comfy décor.
Size : 3.8X3.0X5.5 inches (LXWXH)

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Snail Shaped Ceramic Plant Pot

The cute yellow snail shaped ceramic planter pots will undoubtedly brighten up your home from any corner it is placed in. The polished glazy ceramic pots is made of fired ceramic. It also comes with a built-in drainage hole to keep plants happy and healthy.
Size: 21 x 16 x 15 Centimeters (LXWXH)
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Grinning Panda Ceramic Planter Pot

The grinning ceramic panda planter pot is definitely a statement piece that is sure to brighten up your home. The ceramic plant pots also comes with an artificial succulent plant that will add exquisite charm to your indoors. If you want to go green, you can replace the artificial plant with a real live plant.
Size : 3.7×3.5×4.3 inches (LXWXH)
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If you love all these cute ceramic planter pots, you can create a cute animal themed garden top on your window sill or balcony with all of them !!