Christmas is just weeks away and it is definitely time to stock your home with all the essentials for Christmas celebration. Christmas is celebrated with great fervour across the world, with the festive spirit cheering us all up. This year the Christmas celebrations are a little muted as we are forced to stay in isolation. This year is all about celebrating Christmas at home with your family, while looking forward to the New Year 2021 with jolly hope.

Let the festivities of Christmas at home begin, here are 5 must have essentials to celebrate Christmas with great joy at home with your loved ones.

Christmas Star

Nothing gives away the advent of Christmas like the decorative Christmas stars that light up the front of the home. The twinkling stars outside the homes and balconies rings in the Christmas cheer along with the hopefulness of the New Year. The Christmas star is absolutely symbolic of the star of the Bethlehem that appeared in the sky on the day of Jesus Christ’s birth.

Christmas Tree

Christmas celebration is incomplete particularly without a decked up Christmas tree in the corner of your drawing room. The concept of Christmas tree at home started in Germany before it took over as a beloved tradition across the world. The Christmas tree is generally pine, fir or spruce. In the modern times, artificial Christmas trees have become absolutely the norm. The Christmas tree is decorated on Christmas Eve and the decorations are removed after 12 days on January 5th. The Christmas tree is definitely a symbol of the birth of Jesus Christ and the green tree also symbolizes eternal life in Christ.

Christmas Wreath

The beautiful Christmas wreath is particularly adorned on the doors of the home to announce the onset of the Christmas season. Furthermore, the circular wreaths with no particular ending or beginning are symbols of eternal life. The Christmas wreath is also made of flowers, leaves, fruits and twigs to form a ring. The wreath clearly symbolizes the true Spirit of Christmas, which is being generous and the coming together of the family.

Christmas Lights

In the earlier times, the Christmas tree was decorated with candlelight but with the electrification string lights are definitely being used to decorate the Christmas tree. The twinkling Christmas fairy lights are also symbolic of the illuminating stars in the sky. Moreover, the Christmas lights draw us into the festive spirit and is also symbolic of Jesus Christ, who spread light in the world.

Christmas Decorations

The decorated Christmas tree is definitely the joyous heart of Christmas celebrations. The key decorations include the golden and red balls (symbolizes the blood of Christ), the bells (advent of Christ) and the candy canes (shaped like a shepherd crook is symbolic of the good shepherd). A star or an angel is also placed on top of the Christmas tree.

And of course, don’t forget about Santa. Do buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones to be placed under the decorated Christmas tree. You are all set to celebrate a Merry Christmas!