A Christmas celebration is unimaginable without the children’s favourite, Santa Claus. Santa is an integral part of the gift giving practiced as part of Christmas tradition. Santa Claus is a legendary figure, who is generally portrayed as a jolly, portly person with white beard and glasses, dressed in red coat with white fur and cuffs, red hat with white fur and red trousers lined with white fur along with a bag full of gifts for children.

According to Christmas folklore, Santa comes bearing gifts and candies for well behaved children and coal to naughty children on Christmas Eve. Santa stays in the North pole and has a workshop where he makes toys for children helped by the elves. Flying reindeers in a sleigh help Santa deliver the gifts for Christmas.

The Santa Claus legend traces it origins to St. Nicholas who lived in Turkey around 280 A.D. St. Nicholas was a pious Christian monk who gave away his inherited wealth to help the poor and the sick. Over the years, St. Nicholas became popular and came to be known as the protector of children and sailors. The name Santa Claus was derived from St. Nick’s Dutch nickname, Sinter Klaas. In America the Sinter Klaas stories were popularized in 1809. The gifting part of the Christmas tradition soon featured images of the popular Santa Claus in 1840s. Ever since, Santa has been busy delivering gifts to children on Christmas Eve.

Let’s look at 5 Santa inspired decorations to fill the home with Christmas joy.

Cheerful Santa Print Cushion Cover with Filler

The Santa inspired cheerful cushion cover will instantly fill your home with Christmas spirit. The 12 x 12 cushion cover comes with 1 vacuum packed conjugated fiber filler. The soft cover of the cushion and the jolly Santa will fill the home with Christmas cheer.
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Santa Claus Pack for Christmas Decoration

The lovable Santa Claus pack of Christmas tree hanging decoration will set the mood for Christmas festivities. The pack of 6 Santa Claus will brighten your home with the joyful spirit of Christmas. Create a perfect Christmas look with Santa decorates on your Christmas tree.
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Cute Christmas Chair Covers

Make the Christmas get togethers festive and joyful by decorating your dining table chairs with the cute Santa hat inspired Christmas chair covers. The red and white chair covers fit most standard armless dining chairs bringing joyful fervour of Christmas.
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Chrismtas Printed Wooden Coaster Decorations

The Santa inspired printed wooden coasters will add festivities to your table during the Christmas season. Let the magical spirit of Christmas fill your home with the set of 4 Christmas decoration. The quirky Christmas coasters will brighten your home décor festivities.
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Santa Claus Mug

The Santa Claus high quality ceramic mug brings in the festivities of Christmas cheer. The cute digitally printed mugs are perfect for the Christmas season. The Santa mugs are a perfect gift choice for the Christmas festive season.
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Let Santa Claus fill your home with the Christmas cheer and joy!