As the year draws to an end, we will all agree that 2020 has helped us master extensive vocabulary like never before. A year ago words like social distancing, covidiot, face naked, maskhole, superspreader, zoom fatigue would have made no sense at all, leave alone being a part of our everyday lingo. The covid-19 pandemic has made us all comfortable with using pre-existing medical terms and a range of new original words that will soon find their way into the dictionary.

The covid-19 outbreak has also lead to the outbreak of a new vocabulary, few of which have already made it to the dictionary. We have been very innovative in developing new words during the pandemic. Let’s look at few interesting new words and its meaning.

Social distancing – Maintaining a greater physical distance
Covidiot – Someone who hoards goods and ignores public health safety warnings
Maskhole – One who wears face mask inappropriately
Covid-30 – Gaining weight while at home
Domino-distancing – Standing too close in a queue
Pan-demic – Increased baking of bread at home
Rat-licker – A person who refuses to wear mask during covid-19 pandemic
Anti-masker – A person opposed to wearing a face mask
Bubble – Close family members with whom we do not practice face masks or social distancing
Maskne – Acne caused by wearing masks
Quarantini – Cocktail that you drink when in quarantine
Coronababy – A baby conceived during quarantine
Coronacation – A holiday taken during the period of covid-19 pandemic
Coronacut – Haircuts or trims done without professional help during the pandemic
Zoom fatigue – Is being tired due to many virtual meetings each day

Today, our everyday conversation is incomplete without the use of medical terms. Here, are a few of them that we use frequently.

Contact tracing – The process of attempting to identify people who have recently been in contact with someone diagnosed with an infectious disease, especially in order to treat or quarantine them.
Flatten the curve – To bring the spread of the disease under control
Asymptomatic – Showing no symptom of the infection
Lockdown – A state of isolation or restricted access
PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

Quarantine, herd immunity, hydroxychloroquine, pod and the terms add on in our new normal. Everyone has been ranting about 2020 and wanting the year to end. So, we should not be surprised if in the future 2020 will become a reference for everything going wrong in one’s life.