Crystal String curtains infuse a great decorative element to your home. The sparkling crystal beaded curtains arrangement accentuates the interiors of your home, giving the interiors an interesting structure and depth.

The captivating string curtains laced with glass crystals add a magical light element to your décor while also allowing unhindered ventilation for the interior space. Add the crystal string chic curtains to create a cheerful feel for your home to develop a pleasing partition for your interiors.

Let’s look at 5 string curtains that will brighten up your interiors with its aesthetic appeal.

Transparent Crystal String Modern Curtain

The beautifully patterned crystal like string curtains will enhance the home décor. The beads are made of high quality acrylic and the bottom drops are made of glass. The nylon strap fastener on the string is used to fasten it on the rod and the numbers mentioned on the string will allow you to decorate in the pattern.
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Acrylic Crystal Strings Bead Curtain

The multicoloured crystal string curtain will create a vibrant vibe in the interiors of your home. The nylon strap fasteners will help to fasten the string to the rod. The acrylic crystal glass curtains will create a warm ambience with the beautiful colours.
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Strings Bead SkyBlue Crystal Curtain

The very attractive sky blue crystal string curtains will bring a peaceful aura to your interiors and lift up the space. The string curtains are easy to hang, adding a sparkling view when placed in any room. Let the blue crystal curtain light up your interiors.
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Acrylic Beads Glass Drops String Curtain

The beautiful glass string curtains will create a dramatic effect in your interior space. The glass and acrylic attractive crystals will provide a stunning décor to your interiors. The reflecting lights on the crystal string curtains will brighten up your room.
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Strings Bead Transparent Crystal

The bead string curtain with its transparent luster will create an attractive ambience. The strings and bead curtains are easy to hang on a standard curtain rod. Add it on your doorway or window to spread an interesting allure to your interiors.
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Go for these beautiful crystal string curtains to create an appealing interior.