Exercise machine for home has definitely become the new mantra. Even when confined at home, one should undoubtedly try to get at least 30 minutes of exercise daily through workout machines. It will aid in not only keeping you physically fit but also the improved blood circulation can flush out the toxins. 

Exercise also relieves stress along with reducing depression. Hence, for your physical and emotional well being it is definitely a very good idea to invest on workout machines for your home.

Let’s take a look at 5 best exercise machine for home gym equipment.

Welcare MAXPRO PTM 101 1.5HP Motorized Treadmill

A treadmill is without a doubt the easiest fitness machine for home workout as one can enjoy the cardio benefits of walking and running, while also toning your body. Moreover, an hour of running on treadmill can burn up close to 800 calories. The Welcare Maxpro PTM 101 .5 HP is absolutely the perfect walking exercise machine for your home.
• 1100×400 mm comfortable running space
• Attractive and easy to used LED panel
• Variety of workout plans
• Low noise motor
• Rubber cushion protects your knees

Benefits of Treadmill
• Can walk or run immaterial of the weather
• Keep track of heart rate
• Increases the oxygen efficiency in body
• Loose weight and improve muscle tone
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Endless Imported Exercise Bike for Fitness

Cycling is an absolutely great way to keep fit and also to feel great. Thus, the cycling exercise machine is perfect for home gym equipment. The Endless Imported Exercise Bike for Fitness is clearly a great workout machine for cardio workout from the comfort of your home.
• Comes with LCD screen to monitor workout
• Sturdy body and seat adjustment knob
• Easy to assemble
• Very compact and does not take up space

Benefits of Stationary Bike
• Great Cardio workout
• Aids in strengthening of joints
• Low impact workout for beginners
• Helps secrete your happy hormones
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Aurion Set of 2 PVC Dumbbells Weights

Dumbbells are definitely a low-cost option for fitness. The Aurion Set of 2 PVC Dumbbells is a workout machine for you to particularly strengthen your muscle core. Thus, if your plans are to reduce body fat mass and strengthen your bones, look no further.
• 2 Hexa dumbbells of 2kg each
• Plastic body with fixed weights
• Comfortable hand grip

Benefits of Dumbbells
• Strengthens your limbs
• Improves metabolism and body composition
• Low cost and space saving
• Try out various workouts
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Cockatoo CE03ADVANCE Smart Series Elliptical Cross Trainer

If you want a whole body workout without any strain to your joints, you should undoubtedly opt for an Elliptical Trainer. The Cockatoo CE03 Advance Smart series elliptical cross trainer will clearly give you a powerful workout right at home. The full motion handles and foot pedals of the workout machines will provide an absolutely intense workout.
• LCD monitor to track calories, speed and distance
• Full-motion handle bar provides workout for upper body
• Textured pedals come with grip and stability
• Magnetic resistance intensifies your workout

Benefits of Elliptical Trainer
• Ease of use without strain to joints
• Works the whole body aiding weight loss
• Improves cardio stamina
• Gain better coordination and balance
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Boldfit Yoga mat with Carry Bag & Body Alignment System

If you are looking for a wholesome fitness experience, then yoga is absolutely the way to go. You can gain physical flexibility as well as inner peace. The Boldfit Yoga mat is obviously perfect for your yoga session as it comes with marked alignment system for accurate position.
• 6 feet long and 2 feet wide with alignment system
• Durable and slip resistant
• Comes with carry bag

Benefits of yoga
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Improves flexibility and builds muscle strength
• Corrects your posture and protects spine
• Boosts your immune system
• Improves your concentration power
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So, pick the one that suits your needs and preferences to stay absolutely fit and happy.