Face Masks have become a part of our daily apparel. Today, we do not step out without putting on a face mask but it is also important to know how to properly use and maintain the face mask. This is a necessary step in protecting your family.

If your family is using cloth masks, here are 5 important steps to be followed:

• Hand wash your cloth mask everyday
• Always use warm water and soap or detergent to wash the mask
• Try to air dry them under natural sunlight as much as possible
• Do not touch the mask while wearing it
• Always wash your hand before and after removing the mask

If you are using a disposable face mask, it is important to be careful about its disposal. Always fold it inwards and tie it up with the ear loops. Wrap it up in a tissue or polythene before disposing it into the waste basket.

Let’s look at 5 breathable face mask for your family.

Giordano Layer Reusable Outdoor Face Mask

The Giordano cloth cotton face masks are soft and comfortable offering protection from bacteria and dust. The pack of 4 pieces of reusable cotton breathable face mask comes in very classy colours with sporty looks. Each mask with comfortable ear loops can be used according to the mood or to match the outfit of the day. They are available in two sizes – adult and teen. The outer material is stretchable and the inner material is made of soft cotton which ensures no irritation to the skin.
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Wecool Nonwoven Fabric 3 Ply Disposable Face Mask

It is always important to keep disposable breathable face mask handy at home in case of any unforeseen situation, like forgetting to wear your cloth face mask or rainy climate. The Wecool Nonwoven is certified 3 ply breathable face mask that filters up to 0.3 microns and keeps you safe. The outer layer is water resistant and comes with comfortable elastic ear hooks. The pack contains 50 disposable masks which are soft, comfortable and breathable.
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Mediweave Cotton Cloth Face Mask

The Mediweave reusable cotton cloth face masks are definitely soft, breathable and comfortable. The pack of 7 come in a wide range of colours and prints to opt according to your mood. The reusable breathable face mask has a non-woven filter that can be removed through the slits before washing the cloth mask. The filter can be replaced with tissue paper in the slit of the face mask.
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Ascension Unisex Cotton Mask

The Ascension Unisex cotton reusable face mask comes in a particularly varied range of colours and patterns. The 3 layer breathable face mask comes with the option of inserting one more layer of filter. The soft, lightweight face masks are absolutely skin friendly. The pack of 10 random cotton masks is a good purchase as the different sizes might suit different members of the family.
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The Advitya Kids Face Mask

The Advitya kids face mask is reusable cotton face mask that is absolutely comfortable and allows smooth air flow. Besides, the pack of 5 comes in assorted colours and patterns. The breathable face masks are also available in 3-6 year range and 7-12 year range for kids. They are lightweight and its designs are suitable for children.
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Always wear a face mask when you step out of your home to keep your loved ones safe.