The arrival of a baby means a significant change to lifestyle and home including the arrival of fun baby furniture. Every aspect needs to be adjusted and accommodated as per the needs and safety of the baby. As the babies grow up into lively toddlers, the babies need their own stuff to keep themselves occupied and enjoy their time productively.

Let’s look at 5 fun baby furniture for toddlers.

Intex Princess Play House

Every child’s favourite pastime is to play house and have friends join them. The Intex princess inflatable play house is easy to set up and is sure to enjoy spending fun time in it. The kids playhouse comes with an inflatable armchair, table and a repair patch. The 49” L x 43” W x 48”H is comfortable for kids between ages 2-6. So, let your child have some fun time with the lovely play house.
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AVSHUB Soft and Rocking Chair

The PWI unicorn kids sofa seat is just what a child would love to sit and bounce on. The attractive elephant shaped soft sofa is perfect for the baby to sit on and clutch. The lightweight sofa with soft seat cushion will be comfortable for the toddler and can be carried easily from room to room. The rocking chair is suitable for child between 3 months and 3 years.
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Nilkamal Apple Junior’s Study Table Set – Red And Blue

The Nilkamal Apple study table set is a perfect piece of contemporary furniture for the child. The plastic lightweight, colourful kids table and chair set has storage space in the table for the child’s favourite books and toys. The sturdy table is compact and the child will be delighted to have one’s own table to keep one’s favourite stuff.
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AMAZARA Baby Proofing Edge & Corner Guards

If there is a little one at home, almost every furniture in the home turns into a potential hazard for the child. The Amzara Bbay proofing guards are just perfect to make home child proof and comes with an installation guide. The baby corner protectors pack has 2 meters edge roll and 4 pre-taped corner cushions which fit for most standards size furniture. The monkey face door stopper is perfect to prevent the door from closing. All the baby corner protectors are non-toxic and child safe making it a must have to keep your toddler safe.
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Owme Double Sided Water Proof Baby Mat

The Owme double sided water proof baby mat carpet is soft and slip resistant mat. The water proof baby play mat is hygienic and makes for a perfect play area for the baby. The colourful design with vibrant characters, numbers and alphabets makes it very attractive for the baby. The baby floor mat will also be useful when going out for outdoor picnics and comes with a zip bag to carry the mat.
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Always make sure that any furniture bought for kids is child friendly and toxic free. Do ensure that the toys or furniture used by the toddlers is clean and hygienic.