If you enjoy doing up your kitchen, there are several funky kitchen accessories to innovate the kitchen space. There are several decors and stylish accessories that can revamp the look of your kitchen. The appliances in the kitchen are also a valuable accessory that provide beautiful aesthetics and add charm to your kitchen.

The beautiful whimsical retro kitchen appliances will transform your kitchen and dining area into a fun space. The animated funky kitchen accessories will add a tinge of nostalgia along with a fun dose of quirkiness to your kitchen. The interiors of your kitchen will be rejuvenated and the guests will enjoy your hosting skills with the quirky kitchen utensils.

Let’s look at 5 funky kitchen appliances that will lend a vintage charm to your home.

Milestone Salt Pepper Shaker

The salt pepper ceramic dispenser is absolutely inspired by the roadside milestones that we see all along our roads. The quirky kitchen dispenser can hold 50-80 grams of salt and pepper. The quaint shaker appliance will also be a statement piece for your dining table.
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Iron Platter Metal Antique Finish

The iron platter is undoubtedly made in the model of the old coal iron box that was used to iron clothes. The platter also comes with 4 skewers and is meant for serving BBQ dishes or you can just serve your ordinary snacks without skewers. In addition, the guests are bound to be impressed by your ingenuity with the quirky kitchen utensils.
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Thela Wood Snack Platter

The bright blue snack platter is definitely inspired by the roadside chat stalls and is meant to serve snacks like pakoras and sandwiches. The platter also has a lid that can be removed to create more space for serving the snacks. Furthermore, the snack platter makes for a great decorative piece for the kitchen or the dining area.
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Namkeen Chakhna Trolley

The trolley inspired platter is particularly made for serving nuts and namkeen. Besides, the attractive trolley comes in orange colour. They are 11.5 cm wide and are made of food safe colours. The trolley is also made of metal and wood.
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Wood Cart Snack Serving Platter for Dining Table

The serving platter made of wood is clearly inspired by the vegetable vending carts. Moreover, the wood cart has movable wheels and can be used for serving snacks. The wood cart platter also makes for a great ornamental piece.
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Have fun entertaining your friends and guests with these eccentric platters!