Plastic water dispensers have become common place in our lives over glass water dispenser. In the long term, safe drinking water stored in plastic containers will deteriorate your health. When water is stored in plastic water dispensers, the filtered water loses its health benefits as the plastic reacts with the water and releases harmful chemicals in the water. For wholesome health, it is important to switch to healthier water dispenser for home.

Water is the most potent life saver. If taken in its purest form it flushes out the toxins from our body and ensures smooth functioning of the body. Let’s take a look at 5 best water dispenser for safe drinking water.

Raincart Transparent Water Mason jar Dispenser

The Raincart Transparent glass water dispenser is a very attractive crystal that can be used to store safe drinking water. It has a storage capacity of 10 litres and can be used to store any of your favourite cold beverages. Furthermore, the crystal has a very regal look with aesthetic appeal. Its smooth surface inside makes it very easy to clean. The wide lid also allows easy pouring of liquids and ease in cleaning.

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RELOZA Glass Cold Water Mason Jar Beer Dispenser

The Reloza glass water dispenser is ideal for storing cold water and safeguards your safe drinking water. The glass material is not only safe and hygienic but also looks trendy and fashionable. It is made from high quality glass material and is airtight. The wide mouth of the jar allows for easy functionality. It will also come in handy to store lemonade or iced tea during parties and get together.
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Copper-Master 5 Litre Hammered Copper Water Dispenser

The copper water dispenser with 5 litre storage absolutely assures natural purification process of water when stored in a copper vessel. The benefits of copper are acquired by the water when water is stored overnight in a copper vessel. Copper is an antioxidant with anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties, while also aiding weight loss. It also comes with 1 copper glass and stand. Use lemon juice, baking soda or vinegar to clean copper vessels.
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InstaCuppa Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle

The Instacuppa Borosilicate glass water bottle provides chemical free water. Furthermore, the glass dispenser is leak proof allowing you to carry it on the move. The markings on the exterior of the bottle assist in measuring your water intake ensuring that you stay hydrated. The borosilicate material means it can withstand beverages of high temperature. It also comes with Neoprene silicone sleeve cover for extra protection and keeps the beverage hot or cold for longer hours.
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Milton Elfin Steel Vacuum Flask

The Milton Elfin Vacuum flask is definitely a perfect water dispenser to carry hot drinking water on the go. The high quality stainless steel ensures that your drinking water is safe. It can also be used to store hot or cold beverages for long hours. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold and it can also be carried on the side pocket of the backpack.
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Always stay hydrated, as drinking adequate water has miraculous health benefits like keeping you energetic, helps fight stress and aids in weight loss.