Every woman’s fashion look is incomplete without a collection of handbags for women that complements the outfit or requirement. Every woman must have a certain number of handbags as they are vital to carry important belongings, while also enhancing our fashion statement.

There is a wide array of handbags for women in the market that serve different purposes and requirements. There are varied types of handbags for women. Each hand bag is convenient for a certain purpose or to accentuate your personality. So, a good bag collection is a valuable asset in your closet. Picking a handbag is as important as picking the outfit for the day as hand bags are an important fashion accessory that enhances your final look.

Let’s look at 5 must have women handbags online and the occasions you should carry it.

Shoulder Handbags for Women

The shoulder handbag is the go to bag on a day to day basis as they offer casual comfort and rate high on functionality. It is an important handbag as one can carry all important possessions in the different sections of the shoulder bag. The availability of space to organize things in particular is the key factor in making the shoulder bag the most popular handbag among women. The shoulder bags are generally rectangular shaped and come with short or long dual handles. One can hang it on the shoulder or clutch it in the hand to make an effortless style statement.

• Can carry more personal effects in a shoulder bag
• Offers more options for organizing things in different sections
• Very comfortable and handy for daily outings

Backpack Handbags for Women

Backpack is clearly becoming the most popular hand bag among women due to the ease and comfort in carrying it. Additionally, the must have backpacks come with two shoulder straps and are worn on your back. If you are out travelling or spend too much time in commute, then backpack is the best choice to carry all your essential packages. When you hang the backpack on your back, the weight of its contents are evenly distributed without causing too much strain to your shoulder and neck. Thus, the ease and comfort it provides is one of the major factors behind more professional women opting the backpack for their office use.


  • Efficient to carry heavier possessions including laptop
  • Less strain on your shoulder and back
  • Comfortable bags to commute and for travelling purposes

Clutch Handbags for Women

Clutch bags are absolutely the best contemporary option for the casual nights out, partying or when attending formal events making it a must have party wear handbags. The clutch bags are also available in the most captivating styles that can go well with your different outfits and fashion looks. Moreover, the beaded ones are the most popular as well as glamorous but if you would like to go edgy, there are exciting box styles to pick from. However, the downside is they offer very little space and allow you to carry only the bare essentials.

• Accommodates only the minimal belongings
• Extremely stylish and trendy allowing you to experiment your fashion look
• Must have bag for attending parties or fashionable events

Potli Handbag

When you are all decked up in your ethnic finery, a polti bag is just what you need to complement your glamorous look. A potli bag is definitely the best accessory for making a standout traditional fashion statement. The party wear handbags make a particularly alluring style embellishment and stand out with their dazzling looks. The potli bag offers limited organizing space but stands high on charm.

• Can accommodate bare essentials like mobile phone
• Stands high on the glamour quotient
• Perfect accessory for festive ethnic wear

Sling Handbag

The sling bag is a must have for the carefree freedom they offer, one can just drape it across the body and forget about it. The crossbody bag features a long strap that can be hung diagonally along the body. The bags are especially handy when one is out shopping as the hands are free to carry the shopping bags. The style appeal is also great when you are stepping out for a casual outing or shopping and can also serve as party wear handbags. The stylish bag provides adequate space to carry basic belongings.

• Hands remain free and also easier to carry around
• Great on vogue factor and the trendiest style statement
• Must have for a casual outing and shopping

Handbags are a must have accessory especially because of its functionality but it is also a wonderful fashion accessory that can add appeal to your fashion look. Before picking a handbag, clearly assess its practical purpose in your daily life and then choose a handbag that appeals to your taste and suits your personality. Building a bag collection is undoubtedly a fruitful pursuit, as it gives you the freedom to pick a hand bag according to the mood and occasion of the day. Thus, with the perfect handbag, you will always sparkle on the style factor.