The classic Indian dupatta can be found in every woman’s wardrobe. The Indian dupatta is a longer more elaborate version of the western stole and a wonderful accessory that brings in elements of tradition and ups the fashion quotient with its trendy factor.

There are varied kinds of dupattas and innovative ways in which you can drape and style them. The Indian traditional fabrics are back in the fashion arena. Brocade, khadi and linen dupattas are trendsetting urbane style statements today. These designer dupatta collection has become the standout feature of any trendy outfit. Today, the rich Indian fabric designer dupattas have taken the center stage and are the showpiece of fashion arenas. One can pair these rich, elaborate dupattas with a simple kurta or anarkali to make an elegant fashion statement.

One can wrap the dupatta on one shoulder and let it fall onto the arm to show off the beautiful craftsmanship of the dupatta, while creating an elegant mesmerizing silhouette. Wrap it around like a shawl to showcase the delicate finery of the dupatta to illustrate a stately look.

For an interesting Indo-western fusion style, pair the traditional designer dupattas with your western pants or dresses. Make narrow pleats of the rich bright brocade dupatta and let it fall around your shoulder to the front and add a statement belt to clinch at the waist. You will instantly look chic and sophisticated.

Let’s look at 5 kinds of Indian fabric designer dupatta collection that can be used to create an absolutely regal classy look.

Banarasi Silk Dupatta

Nothing screams age old traditional than the Banarasi silk dupatta, but the banarasi dupatta is also the buzzword for the edgy fashion choice now. The famous Banarasi brocade work on the dupatta has definitely become a trendy designer symbol. Besides, bring the timeless elegance of the classic Banarasi design to look royal and haute with the banarasi designer dupatta.

Khadi Silk Dupatta

Rooted in our rich tradition, the khadi silk dupatta can definitely create an enduring fashion statement. The elaborate old-world fabric undoubtedly adds beauty as well as abundant warmth when paired with a salwar kurta. Mix and match these beautiful designer dupattas with your trendy kurtis to look chic as well as classy.

Zari Silk Dupatta

Festive dressing is clearly passé without some zari work in the outfit dressing. Therefore, just add a zari silk dupatta to your ensemble and watch the glamorous transformation takeover. A zari silk dupatta is particularly perfect for the days you want to go traditional or festive, drape it on and let the exotic elegance speak for itself.

Khadi Cotton Dupatta

Khadi cotton dupatta is an absolute testament of classy elegance. The comfortable trendy fabric is also very suitable for our climate, while rating high on the fashion scales. Thus, the rich Indian khaadi dupattas are extremely appealing and look great with cotton and khadi salwars.

Linen Dupatta

Linen dupattas are without a doubt extremely comfortable and have an understated grace to it. The Indian linen dupattas definitely lend a classy sophistication to any trendy outfit and come in vibrant colours. Linen fabrics are also ideal for our climate and they reflect refined tasteful elegance.

Don’t allow dupattas to only become a part of your Indian attire. The Indian fabric dupattas can definitely be paired innovatively to create great Indo fusion wear. Experiment your fashion looks with these classy dupattas!