Shrugs are a great way to pep up your fashion looks. Long shrugs for women lend a delicate and feminine grace to your ensemble. You can pair them with your kurti or t-shirts to get an instant peppy look. The long shrugs for women are a must have as they lend an instant fashion elegance.

Let’s look at 5 long shrugs online for your wardrobe.


The Funday fashion long shrugs with striped design has a contemporary trendy vibe to it. The slim fit shrug is made of lycra and settles comfortably on the figure. The shrug with three-fourth sleeve will look great on your western outfits with solid colours. It will look great for a casual day out or office wear and will look great on people with tall frame. If you want to look stunning, then go for this shrug.
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Serein Women’s Top

If you have a tall frame, then go for this pink printed Serein longline shrug. The georgette fabric with floral prints will look great on your solid coloured kurtis or black top and jeans. The long shrugs has a summer vibe going about it and will add a unique graceful style to your appearance.
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Serein Women’s Printed Georgette Long Shrug

Serein long pink shrug with animal print will look great on most body types. The loose georgette shrug with three-fourth sleeves will brighten up your style quotient. The long shrugs is just perfect to look amazing for your everyday casual look.
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Serein Women’s Blouson Long Shrugs

Serein women’s blouson shrug with asymmetric design will look great on kurtis or western wear. The vibrant shrug will give you an ultra-stylish look. The loose fitting shrug will upgrade your fashion looks.
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Md Textiles Rayon Kurti Skirt with Shrug

The Md Textiles rayon kurti skirt with shrug is a must have in your wardrobe for the festive occasions. The pink, golden and black combination gives you a celebratory, glamorous look. The black shrug with gold print can be paired with other kurtis and solid coloured skirts.
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Long shrugs might not be comfortable during the summer season but can be perfect for a night out and cooler seasons. So, get ready to look fresh and trendy with these stylish long shrugs.