Magic mugs are a very interesting gift option as they unravel with new colour and images when poured with hot liquid. The magic mug appears as an ordinary ceramic coloured mug and when poured with hot liquid changes colour and reveals the print or design on the cup. The magic cup with personal photographs and messages make for an excellent gift idea. Let the special personalized gifts of magical cup become the ideal Christmas gift choice for your loved ones and also as secret santa gifts.

The magical cup is completely safe for daily use and can be used like any other coffee mug. The print on the mug is made with special temperature sensitive dye called as leucodyes. The materials change colour when exposed to a change in temperature. This process is called thermochromism.

The print on the magic mug remains transparent and becomes visible only when hot liquid is poured in it. One can print personalized pictures and beautiful messages to create a meaningful and memorable secret santa gifts.

Let’s look at 5 personalised gifts of magic mugs to create special Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

Beautiful Personalized Red Patch Magical Cup

The 320 ml red ceramic magic mug and free customized key chain is a perfect gift idea for this Christmas. You can send the photos and message of your choice to create a beautiful present as secret santa gifts. The beautiful red mug will reveal the special photos and message when poured with warm liquid.
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Personalized Black Magic Photos Collage Mug

The 300ml black personalized ceramic magic mug is a very touching Christmas gift for your family and loved ones. One can send the layout of favourite photos and personalized messages to print on the mug. One can make one’s own design in 8×3.5 inch format. The prints are high quality and fade resistant.
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Personalized Ceramic Photo Black Magical Cup

The 320ml black personalized ceramic magic mug along with wooden key chain is an ideal Christmas gift to surprise your loved ones. Send in the special pictures of your loved ones to create touching secret santa gifts.
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Color Changing Christmas Magic Mug

The 330 ml ceramic magic mug is a beautiful moving gift for Christmas. The mug comes with key chain and cushion combo with beautiful Christmas message. The coffee mug is perfect gift idea for the Christmas season.
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Magic Mug Personalised Name Ceramic

The 315 ml ceramic magic mug is a very special Christmas gift idea for your loved ones. The mug will carry the name and the words – ”You’re the magic in my life”. One can search for the preferred names under the HotMuggs category for the name you want on the mug.
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The personalized magic mugs as gifts are a thoughtful testament of the Spirit of Christmas.