Yesterday’s electoral loss cannot dim the spark of Mamata didi’s Tirnamool party’s spectacular victory in West Bengal against the BJP. Fighting and winning an election against a powerful political party beefed up with powerful strategists and money clout lends a fairytale charm to Mamata’s victory.

At a time when most politicians are dressed in carefully styled attire to lure voters, one will always find Mamata dressed in a carelessly draped white cotton saree without any cosmetic dependency on jewellery and accessories. What makes her stand apart from all the other popular Indian women political leaders is that she has made it into the political world on her own steam, without a male mentor, family connections or godfather to back her.

Born on 5th January, 1955 in a humble background, Mamata made her way into the world of politics through student politics. Her foray into politics was at the very young age of 15 when she established the students’ wing of the Congress in Jogomaya Devi college and defeated the Democratic Students’ Union of the Socialist Unity Centre of India.

In 1975, she gained attention when she danced on the bonnet of the car of socialist activist and politician Jayaprakash Narayan as a mark of protest. In 1984, she became one of the youngest Lok Sabha MP when she won the Jadavpur parliamentary constituency by defeating veteran communist leader, Somnath Chatterjee. Mamata Banerjee became the founder and chairperson of the political party All India Trinamool Congress after breaking away from the Congress. She went on to become the first woman chief minister of West Bengal in 2011.

Yet again, even with the defeat at Nandigram, Mamata didi has proved herself to be a born leader by taking on Suvendu Adhikari in his home turf. Very few politicians are willing to take a risk and almost always go for the safest seats or keep it safe by contesting in more than one seat. But in deciding to stand for elections in Nandigram, Mamata has shown her courage and mettle as an unassailable leader.

The defeat does not affect her political acumen as with the single calculated gamble to contest at Nandigram, Mamata managed to impede the influence of Suvendu Adhikari and thereby the BJP in West Bengal. In the end, the defeat at Nandigram is inundated by the resounding victory of Tirnamool Congress which managed to win 214 seats in West Bengal.

Mamta Banarjee’s painting skills has been on display but you will be surprised to know that she has also authored poetry, essays and novels.

Didi has shown the political bigwigs that she truly is the big sister when it comes to political wizardry, be it creating populist slogans or crowd pulling showmanship.

Here’s a video that captures the mass appeal of Mamata didi that makes her a triumphant leader even in the face of defeat.