Happy Mother’s Day 2021! – the special day for motherhood celebration. Squeezing Mother’s Day into one specific day is a gross injustice to the selfless divine role, our mothers play in our life. But, do make use of this special day to acknowledge and celebrate the blessing of mother’s presence in our life.

Mother always remains our safety anchors, providing unstinted strength and support throughout our lives in shaping our distinctive individuality.

First Teacher

Your first words, first steps, the emotions you express, basic food habits are all thanks to your mother.  Your mother is the first provider who communicates and bonds with you. Along the way, mother teaches us how to adapt to the world by tapping into our key senses.  Growing up, mother is always a constant protective presence, providing a helping hand at your studies, teaching new games or guiding you through your first cooking lessons. The most important life skills are most often taught to us by our devoted mother, the first teacher.

Emotional Security

The only unconditional unwavering love that most of us will ever experience is the love of our mother. As babies, we instinctively find comfort in the mother’s look or the warmth of her body. The radiance of her undiluted love bestows the courage to face the downfalls of life. The assured protection of mother’s love moulds us into successful emotionally intelligent adults. Growing up, a mother is our best friend, and the really lucky ones manage to hold on to this nourishing bond into adulthood.

Moral Guide

Mothers are the first figures who teach us the basic tenets to lead successful lives, by giving us the first moral lessons and implications of right and wrong. Eventually the values of compassion, caring, kindness and gentleness are all bred into us mostly through our mothers. As we grow up, mother’s basic value teachings might be influenced by external factors but the mother always remains a precious mentor who tries to keep us rooted in the right values for our wholesome well being.

Free Counsellor

Starting from a young age, we instinctively reach out to our mothers whenever we have a problem. She patiently listens and often offers the most sensible, secure advice drawing from her life experiences. Mother is that one consistent friend to share problems with, who can magically alleviate your problems just by listening to it. A mother’s counselling is an instant stress buster, providing a sustaining, comforting sense of normalcy throughout our lifetime.

Lifelong Caretaker

Have you eaten?, is often the first enquiry a mother makes from her child who is living away from her. No matter how old you become, your mother is always ready and willing to cook up your favourite dishes and reflexively tidy up after you. Even when we outgrow the age of caretaking, the mother simply continues to take care of all her child’s needs, while the children simply rejoice in the attention taking the exquisite care for granted.

Mother’s love outlives everything, its spiritual strength guiding us through the journey of life. Even when they leave us, they continue to live through the legacy of values they imprint upon us.

In the midst of the raging pandemic, we have come across heartwarming stories of selfless individuals who have gone the extra mile to help people in need. On this Mother’s Day, let’s take a moment to salute their mothers for raising such inspiring bravehearts. The true essence of motherhood is accomplished by the way the children live and conduct themselves. Make your mother proud!