Who doesn’t savour cakes and cookies? Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be able to just bake up your favourite cake or cupcake, whenever you have cravings for the same. All you need is the cake baking tools and equipment. The cool baking gadgets can now easily be purchased online.

The biggest trick to bake that perfect cake or brownie is to get the measurements right as per the recipe. If you would like to begin whipping up some yummy desserts, here are 5 must have baking gadgets for beginners.

Bajaj Majesty 1603 T 16-Litre Oven Toaster Grill

The Bajaj Majesty 1603 OTG is undoubtedly the most economical OTG in the market. The 16-litre oven with timer is compact and also made of durable steel body. The OTG comes with a grill tray, baking tray, crumb tray, skewer rods and tongs for baking/grill tray. The lightweight OTG can also be used for grilling, toasting or reheating food.
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Unicron Measuring Cups and Spoons Set

The correct measurements of the recipe is definitely the key to baking flawless cakes. The Unicron measuring cups and spoons will be a valuable asset for all your baking needs. Moreover, it consists of 8pcs of black measuring cups and spoons set, along with silicone series spatula and brush set. Thus, each cup and spoon offers different measurements, making it useful for measuring various kitchen products like flour, masala powders or oil.
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Hua You 3 in 1 Aluminium Round Cake Mould

The Hua you 3 in 1 cake mould will clearly allow you to bake 8 inch, 7 inch and 6.5 inch cakes. The aluminium mould cake is especially perfect for beginners. And once you have mastered baking, you can definitely bake a 3-tiered delicious cake using the three moulds.
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iBELL Hand Mixer Beater Blender Electric

A well blended cake batter is especially essential to get the fluffy, spongy texture of a cake. The iBell hand mixer beater will blend the eggs and batter to the required consistency resulting in lightweight moist cake. The blender also comes with 7 speed controls for good beating experience. Additionally, the light weight beater comes with 2 pairs of stainless steel beaters and dough hooks.
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Neo Traders High Baking Rack

The Neo Traders high baking rack is definitely what you need to cool your baked cake. Besides, the steel rack is 20cm wide and is very useful for the kitchen. The rack can also be used for grilling, roasting and steaming purposes.
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Before you set out to bake your first dessert, remember these pointers to bake the perfect cake:
• Always have the ingredients ready.
• All the ingredients should be in room temperature.
• Always measure the ingredients as per the recipe.
• Mix the batter as per the recipe requirement, over mixing and under mixing should be avoided.

So, now you are all set to bake a cake and make the world smell delicious.