The newborn baby finds its first warmth and protection wrapped in the newborn receiving blanket. A new mother is often left wondering how to pick the best receiving blanket.

The newborn receiving blanket is available in a variety of patterns and colours. The new mother should pick the one best suited for the baby according to the needs and requirements. The receiving blankets are thin soft clothes of about 30 to 40 inches. It is better to stock up at least 5 receiving blankets for the needs of the newborn baby.

Let’s look at 5 types of newborn receiving blanket to keep the baby warm.

Cotton Receiving Blankets

The breathable cotton material makes it an absolutely perfect receiving blanket for the new born infant. The cotton receiving blanket is especially useful during the summer months. Furthermore, the cotton fabric of the receiving blanket ensures softness, durability and breathability.

Personalize Receiving Blankets

To mark the special occasion, one can get a personalize receiving blanket with the baby’s initials inscribed on the blanket. Thus, add a dash of special love with the specially printed name of the baby. The customized receiving blankets make for a very special gift especially during baby showers.

Organic Receiving Blanket

The organic receiving blanket is made of absolutely natural products ensuring an allergy free as well as chemical free swaddle blanket. The newborn’s sensitive skin also remains protected from toxic elements with organic receiving blanket. The skin friendly organic blanket keeps the newborn baby comfortable as well as protected just like in the womb.

Receiving Blanket with Hood

The baby will feel cozy comfort in the warmth of a receiving blanket with hood. The hood in the receiving blanket will also help protect the newborn baby from unwanted exposure along with keeping them warm. The receiving blanket with hood is especially best for securing the baby’s head in a comfortable snuggle.

Baby Blanket cum Sleeping bag

The baby blanket cum sleeping bag is definitely comfortable when you plan to travel with your baby. Besides, the receiving blanket with sleeping bag is best for babies older than 3 months or above. The blanket not only provides comfort but also makes carrying the baby very easy experience.

Cuddle your baby in love with soft receiving blankets!