Orthopaedic slippers come in handy while spending long hours on the feet inside your home leading to feet that are often tired and prone to injuries and infections. While most of us still prefer to be bare feet inside the comforts of our home, it is nevertheless a sensible idea to switch towards wearing indoor footwear.

Our feet are definitely the most crucial part of our body as they are our direct point of contact with the ground. Hence, by wearing a slipper you can insulate the rest of your body from getting infected with infections lingering on the floor. The indoor slippers also prevent the loss of natural heat from our body through the feet as they keep our blood flow normal.

The orthopaedic slippers is one of the best choices for indoor footwear. The soft slippers are a good choice for indoor footwear as they provide overall protection to our feet. The medicated slippers are especially designed with specific cushioning features to offer comfort and heal the problems of sensitive feet.

Benefits of Orthopaedic Slippers:


• Provides soothed relaxation to your feet
• Reduces pain in your feet
• Brings down swelling in your feet
• Healthy choice for reducing heel pain
• Proper grip to prevent slipping
• Soft cushioning improves posture and gait

The comfortable ortho slippers are generally recommended for women suffering from diabetes, ortho pain, heel pain, knee pain, back pain and bunions. The ortho care slipper is the best preventive care for your feet at home.

Let’s look at 5 Orthopaedic slippers for women.

DOCTOR EXTRA SOFT Women’s Ortho Slippers

The Doctor extra soft women’s ortho slippers has a soft padded and cushioned foot bed that especially makes it very supple for your feet. Besides, the good rubber grip allows you to use it on wet floors without worry of slipping. The soft slipper is also skin friendly and therefore, safe for ladies of all ages.
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DIA ONE Orthopedic Slippers MCP Insole 

The Dia One women’s orthopaedic slipper is an absolutely must have slipper for those who have heel, arch and ankle pains. In addition, the flat ortho care slipper footwear has 8mm cushioned MCP insole which provides better walking comfort and reduced foot pain.
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brandvilla Soft Orhto Orthopaedic Slippers

The Brandvilla Aqua ortho care slipper is especially soft, padded and cushioned allowing you to walk effortlessly. The good rubber grip ensures that there is no danger of slipping. Also, the soft insole and flexible material provides heel comfort. Moreover, the padded slippers are available in 8 attractive colours.
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Doctor Verified Women’s Slipper

The Doctor Verified women’s slipper is a pull on rubber ortho care slipper that provides pain relief. The slipper has acupressure points on the surface that provides constant foot massage. Unlike other slippers, the Doctor Verified slippers needs to be used for a few days before the slipper becomes comfortable. Consequently, one can reap the benefits of good ortho care.

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Brauch Women’s Floral Orthopedic Super Soft Comfort Flip Flop

The Brauch women’s floral orthopaedic flip flop is absolutely comfortable for home wear as it comes with orthopaedic soft sole. Furthermore, the slip on footwear has a comfortable fitting along with soft padding that is cozy for the heels.

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Orthopaedic slippers are the best choice for indoor footwear as they offer padded insoles ensuring cushioning effect to heel and arches. It is important for the slippers to be breathable and comfortable as you are likely to wear the indoor footwear for longer hours.