Today is World Pi (π) Day as the numerical value of Pi is 3.14 and the American format of the date March 14th marks the same number. We are all definitely familiar with Pi, which is referred to the ratio of circle’s circumference to its diameter. Moreover, the value of Pi remains constant no matter the size of the circle. The decimal number of Pi absolutely runs to infinity making Pi truly transcendental.

Pi is in particular a long forgotten figure from our academic days which most of us have never used after our academic pursuits. But Pi continues to have great significance in our everyday life, governing all the important facets of our day to day life.


One of the biggest finds of modern medicine, the DNA profile requires Pi to understand the structure of the DNA. Furthermore, the famous DNA helix symbol is held together by Pi bonds. In the field of ophthalmology, pi is very crucial in studying the structure of the eye. Thus, Pi is also very crucial in decoding the various patterns found inherent to each organism.


Pi is particularly used to calculate the trajectory of a spacecraft. Pi is also applied in the functioning of the airplanes. The principle of Pi is used to control the movement of the flaps on the wings of the jet aircrafts. Pi is also used to calculate how fast the tyre of the car is spinning. This is called a tachometer found on the dashboard of your car.



Pi is used to calculate the size of the giant cylinders used in refineries. Electrical engineers use Pi to importantly solve several electrical applications. Any form of construction is impossible without applying Pi. All the wires, pillars and pipes require the usage of Pi to ensure that they work in tandem. The use of Pi can also be found in old historical constructions like the Pyramids of Giza where the principles of Pi have been applied.


In statistics, Population proportion is generally represented by π which is used to determine the percentage value associated with the population. Pi is used by statisticians to track the general population. The Pi theory is also applied to calculate the number of deaths that take place in the population. Pi test is given as a stress test to the computer to check the efficiency of the software.


In the US, the Pi day is particularly commemorated by baking pies because pies and cakes are circular in shape making them very relevant to the Pi principle. Even if the everyday kitchen might not involve Pi, a professional baker might clearly need Pi to calculate the icing required for each layer of a huge tiered cake. A pizza or cake box is also manufactured by using the principles of Pi.

Pi is applied in studying the sun, the moon, the sound and the waves making it omnipresent. Pi is also used in GPS which is practically embedded in our everyday existence through our mobile phones. So next time you make a call or catch an uber, do remember the Pi of your school days is still very much by your side as you go about your day.

Pi day shares the special day with Albert Einstein who was born on March 14th, 1879.