As the year comes to an end, 2020 will forever be etched into our minds as the year of Covid-19 and the mutation it caused in our lives. A very stressful time all around, while we agonized over the new normal of isolation coupled with the dread of catching Covid-19. We have all coped in varying measures, trying to make the best of the unsettling times during the pandemic.

Even as we struggled to make sense of this uncertain phase, we managed to survive through the tough times discovering sparks of memorable moments. Covid-19 shook us up irrevocably in many ways, in some ways as a terse teacher offering a fresh perspective on some forgotten life lessons. The pandemic has forced us all to restructure our frenzied lifestyle.

Importance of Family

The pandemic confined us within our home swamped with exhausting work schedules, while haggardly pursuing frustrating internet connections. This forced confinement also meant having warm home cooked meals together, handling your kid’s moods, being able to stay with your old parents or sharing household chores together. The biggest lesson from Covid-19 has been that it has given us a fresh appreciation for the strength of the family unit. Once things go back to the old normal, we are sure to look back at this time spent with family with a tinge of cherished nostalgia.

Treat Everyone Equally

Covid-19 stomped into our lives not caring about our race, creed, gender or caste; it did not hesitate to judge before attacking the rich or the poor. The virus single-handedly confined the whole world within their homes. Covid -19 can be called the biggest advocate of equality in its literal sense. We humans can learn a much needed lesson on the fact that we should not discriminate and treat everyone with mutual respect. In life, let us all take the attitude of Covid-19 – treat everyone equally regardless of other factors.

Introspection and New Learning

Spending time in isolation offered us plenty of time to seriously measure the direction our life was taking. Sometimes sheer boredom or loneliness forced us into learning new things or developing new passions. During this period, YouTube became our online guru. From cooking to yoga, almost everything could be learned, tried and mastered. In fact, baking became our national pastime.

In my case, YouTube gave me the idea to start this blog. Even if it sounds macabre, there is no denying that Covid-19 was the catalyst for me to start this blog and I am thankful for it. Many of us have taken up passionate pursuits like painting, dancing, singing or coding, which we might usually have put away for the distant future while pursuing busy routines during pre-covid times. Do not let go off these passions that Covid-19 helped you identify and master.

Finding Happiness in Adversity

The pandemic led us all into dark moods of stress and unhappiness during the first few months of confinement. With the passing months, we had a new appreciation for the blessings in our life. Even while going through the pandemic blues, we have also felt immense gratitude for having been protected or survived the attack of Covid-19. Recognizing this state of gratitude is the key to unravelling happiness which no latest car, gadgets or exotic getaway can grant you. Covid-19 taught us that happiness is possible even during the toughest of times. If we take this attitude in life moving forward, every challenge becomes conquerable.

Focus on Hygiene and Health Care

Never has the whole human species washed their hands with Lady Macbeth like frenzy, a habit that has become a new normal for us and might take a very long time to wear off even after the pandemic ends. Covid-19 had us scrambling for immunity boosting superfoods like ginger, turmeric and garlic. Who would have thought our humble rasam would become famous as immunity boosting soup in the US? We have all taken to fitness with great sincerity as being fit and healthy offers a sure shot at beating the coronavirus. Covid-19 has forced us all to rethink our lifestyle and adopt healthy choices.

When we look back at 2020, Covid-19 should not be the only reminder; we should look back with gratefulness at these nurturing life experiences that allowed us to forge ahead during testing times.  Let’s make a promise to ourselves that we will not neglect these life lessons even when life returns to its old ways.