Fitness at home is the smartest option in the present times and resistance bands are definitely the best economical option. Hence, if you are looking for an affordable full body workout option to burn fat and strengthen muscles, then you should opt to exercise with resistance band.

A resistance band is a rubber elastic flexible rope which is particularly used to induce muscle contraction. Regular exercises with resistance band in addition to being very economical also offers some great advantages.

• Makes body flexible and helps stay in shape.
• Including overhead press and squats with bands allows burning fat along with good cardio workout.
• Bands especially allow to explore other workout options, as a consequence leading to interesting workout.
• Resistance bands are affordable as well as portable, thus providing fitness option while on the go.
• Importantly bands are great exercise option to build muscle strength.

Undoubtedly, resistance band workout are a great option for full body workout as one can try versatile exercises unlike the skipping rope. The fitness bands are generally colour coded according to the resistance it provides. Therefore, the lighter the colour of the band, lighter the resistance of the band.

Let’s look at 5 types of resistance band that you can use to workout at home.

Flat Resistance Bands

Flat resistance bands are without a doubt the most inexpensive as well as commonly used resistance bands. Furthermore, flat bands generally have no grips or handles and generally used to improve flexibility. Moreover, the bands also come in different colours offering different tensile strength to build muscle and improve core strength.

Resistance Tubes

The resistance tubes are in most cases made of hard, tubular exterior and come with grips. It should be noted that the resistance tubes can be used to try out various kinds of workouts by anchoring them on your feet or gripping them by the arm.

Figure 8 Resistance Band

Figure 8 resistance band is generally used by beginners as it can be used independently to try out different workouts. The short as well as easy to use figure 8 band can also be used to exercise your body like arms, back, shoulder, chest, and leg. Hence, one can definitely try a variety of exercises with this band.

Resistance Loop Band

The resistance loop bands are especially used for working out the lower part of the body. Loop Band is ideal to incorporate in exercises such as crossfit, pilates and yoga. Moreover, one can also use the bands to workout legs along with butts toning exercise.

Resistance Bands with Door Anchor

Resistance bands with door anchor are an absolutely great way to get innovative with your exercise regime. Above all, you just need to anchor the band on the door to try out a variety of exercises to strengthen your body.

Stay Safe at home and get fit with resistance bands!