The pandemic has confined us all within our homes. One of the biggest fallout has been the lack of exercise as we cannot indulge in the usual fitness activities like walks, gym sessions or outdoor sports depriving us of the much needed workout. The skipping rope is a great economical pick towards the upkeep of your fitness and well being.

The skipping rope also known as the jumping rope allows you to work out safely within the comfort of your home even with limited space. The jumping rope can be used by both adults and kids to have some fun along with the much needed physical activity in the increasingly sedentary lifestyle of sitting and working from home. So, just pick up the skipping rope for exercise as rope skipping benefits will greatly improve your fitness levels.

Here are the advantages of skipping rope for your body.

• Gives your body a complete workout providing full body strengthening.
• Intense activity of jumping provides great cardio making your heart stronger.
• An easy and fun way to burn calories.
• Jumping rope is a great way to lose belly fat.
• Improves coordination of the body and also enhances balance.
• A great way to take break from work stress and have some fun physical activity.

Let’s look at the 5 best skipping rope for weight loss.

Tangle Skipping Rope

The 9.2 feet long jumping rope with adjustable length is coated with PVC making it durable and smooth. The anti-slip foam handles allow you to jump rope and exercise with comfort. The product also offers good after-sales service.
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Jump Rope Sports Fitness Exercise

The adjustable jump rope is particularly lightweight allowing you to exercise in comfort. The spongy rubber material makes it comfortable to skip even with sweat. The skipping rope also comes with a countable feature, where it counts upto 999 jumps and can be reset again.
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Jump Skipping Rope for Weight Loss

The premium quality jump rope with adjustable feature is an obviously prefect fitness aid for men, women and kids. Besides, the ergonomic handles allow for speedy rotation allowing you to have an intense workout. In addition, the comfortable grips allows you to have fun with the skipping rope.
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Black Standard Jump Rope

The lightweight plastic cord black skipping rope with ball-bearing handles is definitely very comfortable for good jumping rope session. Moreover, the jump rope allows smooth rotation for uninterrupted workout. The 2.8 m long rope is adjustable per requirement and also comes with 1 year limited warranty.
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Adjustable Digital Counting Jump Rope

The high quality PVC jump rope does not tangle and allows you to adjust the rope as per the requirement. The 9 feet long skipping rope also features digital counting allowing you to work out from the comforts of your home. Furthermore, the skipping rope comes with a free carry bag to store it.
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Have fun with the skipping rope and loose weight in the process.