Dressing well and looking good is all about our confidence but there are also some hacks for everyday use. If we are constantly worried and fidgeting about the neckline of a top or the hemline of a skirt, we are not likely to come across as confident and collected.
Even outfits of latest fashion or expensive brands can lose their sophisticated elegance if it does not drape your body well or leaves you feeling conscious. So, let’s take a look at 5 smart hacks for everyday to look classy and flaunt your classy style with understated elegance.

Finesse Miracle Cami Set of 3 Smart Hacks

Is there a top in your wardrobe that you love but never wear because of the deep neckline? The Finesse Miracle cami is the smart hack that will come in handy giving your top a girly lacy vibe. The short camis are a small piece of fabric with lace borders that will only cover the neckline. It has buttons that allows the camis to stay in place. The three basic colours of red, white and black will go well with most of the tops.
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Dermawear Women’s Blended Saree Shapewear

Saree is the perfect outfit to show off your womanly curves. With the Dermawear saree shapewear, one can showcase a shapely silhouette in a saree. The side-slit on the shapewear allows for easy movement. This shapewear comes with a removable drawstring which holds the saree weight. There might be slight discomfort in the beginning but it allows smoothening of the tummy, hips and thighs giving a shapely figure. Next time you wear a saree, don’t forget to wear the dermawear saree shapewear to flaunt your figure.
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Tummy Control Shaper Belts Smart Hacks

Let your tops and dresses settle perfectly on you with the ShopOlica control shaper. The soft lacy fabric tucks the tummy in, while providing support to the sides and back. It has a front adjustable hook that prevents it from rolling up after wearing. The tummy tucker belt is also useful in recovery of belly shape after postpartum delivery and also supports core abdominal muscles. So, anytime you want to look slimmer or improve your posture, wear the tummy control shaper belt underneath your dress.

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Jockey Women’s Cotton Shorties

You can wear short dresses without worrying about unwanted exposure with the Jockey women’s cotton short under the dress.  The short is a smart way to look classy as it allows you to move around confidently without losing your poise and the soft stretchable material tucks your tummy in. One can also wear it underneath your pants or trousers to prevent panty lines from showing up. Peak up your comfort levels and confidence with the Jockey women’s shorties.  

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MYZA Women’s Reusable Nipple Cover

If you want to go glamorous with a halter neck, strapless dress or off shoulder top, you can flaunt them in effortless elegance with the Myza women’s reusable nipple cover bra pad. The bra pad comes with adhesive and is reusable up to 20 times. The silicone nipple cover pasties will ensure that you can unwind and enjoy without worrying about any embarrassing gaffes.
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Always pick clothes and accessories that you can relate to. Your personal individual style is what makes you distinct and special.