Cooking is a therapeutic and nourishing experience. It can get tiresome spending endless hours in the kitchen preparing appetising delicacies. There are several innovative smart appliances that facilitate and assist towards a better cooking experience. Let’s take a look at 5 of the smart kitchen appliances to make your cooking an easier, healthier and tastier experience.

Solimo Compact Vegetable Chopper

The Solimo compact vegetable chopper is an efficient appliance which cuts all kinds of vegetables and boneless meat in seconds. Dicing onions no longer needs to be a teary experience. Just chop the Onion into big pieces and place it into the chopper and pull the lever. The longer you pull, the more finely diced the onions will turn out. Getting used to the pull mechanism may take a few tries but once you have mastered it, you can’t imagine chopping vegetables any other way. The 3 high quality steel blades makes dicing a quick experience.
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BMS Lifestyle 12 Cavity Non-Stick Appam Patra

Does the unhealthy aspect of fried snacks keep you from making tasty fried snacks? The BMS Lifestyle 12 cavity non-stick Appam Patra helps you make healthier fried snacks. Just pour some oil into the cavities and fry the batter in them. With this non-stick appliance, one can make fried snacks without using much oil.The non-stick material prevents any kind of sticking. The appa patra also comes with a lid. Get ready to make healthier fried snacks without compromising on taste with the Appam Patra.

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Lifelong Ice Cream Maker

Soft, creamy ice cream is possible at home if you have the Lifelong Ice cream maker. The compact appliance comes with a digital time, powerful motor, mixing paddle, a transparent lid with a safety lock and a double insulated freezing bowl. The freezing bowl should be pre-freezed for 12-18 hours in a double door refrigerator. After that, you can make your favourite flavoured ice cream in just 30 minutes. Watch how the ice cream maker functions here.
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Prestige Electric Air Fryer PAF 6.0

Most of us shy away from our favourite fried food because of health concerns. The Prestige electric air fryer allows you to grill, bake and roast with very less oil or even oil free. The air fryer uses hot air with 30 minute timers to fry the products. It features 2.0 litre frying basket and smoke vent for absorbing unwanted odour and smoke. The ease of cleaning makes it a very useful product to make healthy fried snacks. The product comes with 1 year warranty.

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GETKO Pepper Grinder

A dash of fresh pepper can elevate the flavour and taste of many a dish. The Getko Stainless steel pepper shaker makes fresh pepper powder instantly available. The stainless steel top and glass body gives it an elegant appearance. It comes with 3 grinding levels from coarse to fine. With the pepper grinder in your house, freshly grinded pepper is just a finger’s touch away
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Always clean as you go to make cooking a seamless experience. Let the smart cooking experience begin at your home.