A baby’s arrival can enliven the home along with the need for soft toys for baby. Soon, the baby is developing his/her own personality and demanding attention. Baby toys help in keeping the baby engaged while also encouraging the baby to develop the required motor skills. Babies are constantly using their senses to stimulate the brain and grasp happenings around them.

As the baby marks important milestones, the baby slowly begins asserting his/her own interests and it becomes quite a task to keep the baby occupied. Let’s look at 5 best soft toys for baby that will not only keep the baby engaged but will also stimulate the baby and help the baby develop motor skills.

Cable World Kick and Play Musical Keyboard Mat

The Cable World kick and play musical keyboard mat is a wholesome play set that will keep your baby busy and also stimulate his/her senses. The set comes with a soft cloth mat and a multi-function piano that plays when the baby kicks the piano keys. The five cute baby toys hanging overhead will keep the baby busy and enthralled for a long time. The cute toys are soft and child friendly, while the mirror is safe and not made of glass material.

• The piano activates the baby’s sense of sound and touch
• The bright coloured toys will stimulate the baby’s sense of sight
• Will keep the baby occupied and allows the baby to sleep when tired
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Little’s Junior Ring

The multicoulour Little’s junior ring is definitely a must have toy for babies not only for the fun factor but also due to its educational benefits. Besides, the brightly coloured rings are soft and non-toxic making it safe for the babies. The baby will have a lot of fun stacking up the rings. The soft toys for baby are suitable for babies 6 months and above.
• Helps the baby recognize different colours
• Recognize the concept of size
• Helps in developing finger skills as the baby clutches the rings
• Keeps the baby engaged in fun filled activity
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WISHKEY Colourful 7 Musical Instruments Rattle

The Whiskey Colourful Plastic set of 7 musical instruments baby rattle is a particularly fun set that the babies would love to play with. The variety of 7 musical instruments will clearly provide a wide range of sounds. Moreover, the set of baby toys are made of non-toxic plastic and the smooth edges will not harm the baby. Thus, the parents need not worry as the sounds are not too loud and will not disturb the parents.
• Will learn to identify rhythms and become sensitive to music
• Will develop breath control and hand eye coordination
• Will develop motor skills by learning to grip the toys
• Improves the imagination of the baby

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AK Store Drummer Toy

The AK Store Toys funny key-operated cute doll girl and elephant drummer toy will definitely have the babies engrossed and happy. When given clock wise rotation, the drummers play the drum and shake their body to the rhythm. This will undoubtedly leave the baby excited and in good mood for hours.

• Helps baby in improving their cognitive skills
• Helps baby identify sound and eye coordination
• Helps baby develop a taste in music and improves listening skills

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Cable World Set of 8 Attractive Rattle for New Borns

The Cable World colourful plastic set of 8 rattles will undoubtedly keep the baby involved for a long time. Moreover, the set of 8 baby rattle is made in attractive colours and different shapes will have the baby fascinated with them. Thus, the new born baby will find great interest in the various sounds the rattle produces. The rattles are also made of non-toxic plastic and is safe for the baby.


• Will help the baby identify different colours and shapes
• Improve their recognition ability
• Strengthens the baby’s hand and eye coordination
• Helps the baby identify sounds

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The basic toys which help the baby to be themselves like throwing, shaking, grasping, banging and chewing are the ones that help in the baby’s cognitive growth and imagination. So, let the baby find its own path of expression.