If you favour particularly tasty and healthy south Indian breakfast options, then you must have South Indian breakfast maker kitchen utensils at home. Today, cooking any South Indian dish is possible thanks to the YouTube channels. Hence, all you need is the essential cooking tools to cook up some delicious south Indian breakfast.

The South Indian recipes offer absolutely delicious breakfasts. Hence, we are picking the 5 most popular breakfast recipes and the required cooking utensils.

Let’s take a look at 5 South Indian Breakfast Maker to cook your favourite breakfast.

Non Stick Dosa Tawa

The crispy dosa is an absolutely favourite breakfast across the country. Moreover, the very easy to cook delicious dosa can be prepared on a non stick dosa tawa in a healthy style. The cast iron dosa tawa is also popular.

Idli Cooker

You can cook up delicious, fluffy idlis for breakfast with the idli cooker. The steamed idli is also a healthy food with low calorie intake. Furthermore, the easily digestible idli as a breakfast is a good start for the day. Thus, spice up the idli with sambar and chutney.

Nool Puttu Maker

You can have very tasty idiyappam or string hoppers for breakfast with a nool puttu maker. The rice noodles is laced with rich coconut servings. The nool puttu is steamed in a nool puttu maker making it a very healthy dish. The idiyappam is best served with steaming stew.

Puttu Steamer

A puttu steamer will particularly come in handy if you love puttu. The puttu steamer can also be cooked on the pressure cooker if one does not want to buy the whole set. The steamed rice cake laced with rich servings of coconut is a popular breakfast from Kerala. Thus, the healthy breakfast is popularly had with kadala curry or banana.

Palappam Chatti

The appam is definitely one of the favourite breakfast dishes due to its soft, fluffy nature. The appam is made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk. Thus, the palappam is an absolutely healthy option as it has essential nutrients and protein. The tasty Palappam is made in a special chatti and comes with a soft crusty edge along with a fluffy center.

Thus, you are all set to cook up some delicious South Indian breakfast recipes.