With contemporary Malayalam cinema being celebrated and hailed across digital platforms, Malayalam actors have also found widespread recognition. Fahad Faasil reigns supreme as the digital platform superstar, but the one actor who has been impressed with his incredible range and versatility is Suraj Venjaramoodu. If you love Malayalam movies, then Suraj Venjaramoodu movies should absolutely become a staple part of your watch list. 

Suraj started as a stand-up comedian and mimicry artist. When Suraj made his jump from a TV serial to a comedian in Malayalam cinema, he seemed to settle in the slapstick comedy genre stuck with his loud trademark Thiruvananthapuram accent. Suraj has had a celebrated run since 2006 in commercial movies providing the staple humour relief. He excelled in it until the shocking announcement of 2013 at the 61st National Awards, where he won the National award for his performance in Perariyathavar. Of course, the movie never got a public release, and we were left wondering about Suraj’s acting potential that managed to impress the jury.

In 2016, his cameo role in Action Hero Biju gave us the first glimpse of his immense acting range, and in each Suraj Venjaramoodu movies that followed, he has proven himself as one of the finest actors in the country. Today, he is the most bankable actor among the very talented pool of Malayalam actors.

If you are yet to watch a film of Suraj Venjaramoodu, here are 5 must-watch Suraj Venjaramoodu movies that showcase his impressive acting range.

Action Hero Biju

We took note of Suraj as an outstanding actor with immense potential in this 2016 movie that chronicles the life of an SI and the mundane happenings in the police station. The movie boasts of memorable performances by its supporting characters played mostly by junior artists. But, the biggest surprise was Suraj Venjaramoodu’s brief cameo, where he walks away, giving us a glance of his untapped range. With Suraj’s moving performance of a few minutes, the character’s agonizing heartbreak lingers with us more than any other character in the movie. Action Hero Biju is available on Disney Hotstar.

Thondimuthalum Driksakshiyum

This 2017 film won well-deserved accolades for Fahadh Faasil as the wily trickster thief, which also bagged him a national award. The very well-written film deals with an ordinary episode of chain snatching in a bus and its aftermath in the police station. Even with Fahadh and his eyes giving scene-stealing performances, Suraj stands on his own with sublime restrained performance. It is also the first time one gets to see Suraj in a regular protagonist role romancing a woman. Catch this movie on Amazon Prime.

Android Kunjappan Version 5.25

The 2019 science fiction comedy film based in rural Kerala is an out-and-out Suraj Venjaramoodu movie. As the disgruntled old man with an aversion to technology, and his eventual endearing bond with the robot marks for an exceptionally impressive performance. The believability factor in his gait and performance, is astonishingly stellar. Suraj went on to win the Kerala State Film Award for Best Actor. The movie is streaming on Amazon Prime.

The Great Indian Kitchen

The 2021 hard-hitting realistic movie on patriarchy is a must-watch due to its true snapshot reflection of the disturbing reality found in most homes. What makes this movie powerful is the incredible performances by the cast particularly Nimisha Sajayan as the suffering wife. Suraj effortlessly nails it as the regular soft-spoken husband completely ignorant and cruelly unaware of his regressive imposing mindset. The movie is streaming on Prime video.


This 2021 movie to date has showcased the most riveting performance of Suraj Venjaramoodu. As an old father, grieving and aching over his daughter’s loss, it is impossible not to feel for him. He seems to have mastered the skill to perform by delivering just the right ounce of emotions without slipping overboard. The character’s emotional breakdown scene has to be one of the most touching scenes in the movie. Kannekkanne is streaming on SonyLiv.

Over the past few years, Suraj Venjarmoodu has been part of some of the best Malayalam movies. Movies like Savari, Vikruthi, Driving License undoubtedly deserve a watch for his acting brilliance. So, if you enjoy watching Malayalam movies, you should not miss out on the most diverse actor right now in Malayalam. As an avid fan, eagerly waiting for Suraj Venjarmoodu’s next incredible performance.

Photo Credit : By ShajiA at Malayalam Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15345477