With the Navratri season’s arrival, it is definitely time for festive dressing with the traditional dress for Durga Puja. The puja special dress is particularly an integral part of the nine day celebrations of the divine feminine form of goddess Durga’s victory over the demon king Mahishasura.

The 9 days of Navratri are symbolized by nine different colours but the durga puja special dress should absolutely carry the colour red as red is the traditional colour of Durga Devi. The colour red is obviously symbolic of Durga’s shakti and power.

So absolutely make sure to embrace the power of red when looking to dress up in traditional dress for Durga Puja. Here are 5 traditional ideas for puja special dress.

Bengali Traditional Saree for Durga Puja

If you want to look regal during the Durga puja celebrations, then the Bengali traditional saree with the white and red combination is definitely the best pick. It is called the Lal Paar saree and is considered very auspicious. The white stands for purity while the red colour stands for fertility. Thus, create a festive elegance with the traditional Bengali saree.

Anarkali Kurti for Durga Puja

The Anarkali kurta has an absolutely timeless traditional charm to it, making it a perfect dress for Durga puja. Therefore, the red themed Anarkali kurti would be the right pick for the festive occasion of Durga puja. Combine comfort along with the feminine charm of Anarkali kurti for Durga puja this year to create a comfy festive attire.

Red Heavy Dupatta for Durga Puja

Nothing depicts the festive Durga puja spirit like the red heavy dupatta. Moreover, just drape the red heavy brocade or banarasi dupatta to your white kurti or traditional skirt to transform the look of your outfit. Let the red heavy dupatta create a royal and regal look to your festive wear.

Kurti and Skirt for Durga Puja

The kurti and skirt dress will be a great way to look trendy as well as traditional this Durga puja. The combination of kurti and skirt is not only classy in look but also a very comfortable look to carry. Hence, make a stunning fashion statement by combining the traditional kurti with skirt.

Lehenga with Choli

If you want to dress up for Durga puja with festive glory, then definitely opt for the glamorous lehenga with choli. The lehenga with choli has a graceful feminine allure to it. Thus, the traditional appeal of the old world lehenga will add a charming touch to the Durga puja celebrations.

Create a stunning traditional style statement this Navratri!