With the advent of the Onam season, the Kerala traditional saree in particular gains prominence. Also, the Kerala kasavu saree is undoubtedly the ultimate ethnic pick for traditional dressing due to the elegant cream and gold combination.

The classic traditional Kerala style saree has become particularly popular because of its stately royal elegance. As a result, the Onam set saree undoubtedly has become a trendy traditional attire for festive occasions across the country.

In general, let’s look at 5 popular types of traditional kerala saree online.

Kerala Kasavu Saree

For the most part, the traditional kasavu saree remains a popular choice in spite of other styles of kerala saree. Moreover, the Kerala style saree can be given an instant makeover with a designer readymade blouse. Without a doubt, the graceful Kerala set saree looks best when paired with a red or green blouse. Therefore, explore your creativity to give a modern twist to the kasavu silk saree.

Kerala Hand Painted Sarees

At present, the kasavu saree with mural painting is the most popular form of the Kerala Onam set saree. The beautiful Kerala hand painted sarees standout because of its lively paintings. In this case, the stylish Kerala mural saree is especially famous for religious motifs like lord Krishna paintings. Altogether, the mural painting saree undoubtedly gives a vibrant hue to the traditional pastel saree.

Kerala Half Saree

The Kerala set mundu is the original version of the Kerala saree. The classic Kerala half saree is draped similarly like the regular saree. In short, the two piece garment is draped just like a saree. The two piece Kerala kasavu half saree in particular allows you to try the authentic traditional dressing style of Kerala.

Silver Kasavu Saree

Get some contemporary style to the tradtitional kerala saree with the exquisite silver kasavu saree. Beautiful silver zari border definitely adds to the stately look. The silver border creates an enchanting twist to the traditional saree in contrast with the more common gold border.

Kerala Embroidery Saree

The Kerala embroidery saree undoubtedly adds an overall beautiful appeal to the Kerala kasavu saree. Above all, the beautiful embroidery adds an alluring charm to the traditional cream saree. Hence, the traditional saree is beautifully transformed by the embroidery work.

Add royal elegance with the traditional kerala saree look.