Today, we celebrate India’s 72nd Republic Day. It was on this day that the Constitution of India came into effect on 26th January, 1950. The whole country joins in the celebration with the Republic day parade held in great grandeur at New Delhi. Republic Day is celebrated by the hoisting of our National Flag, the tricolour at important offices. There are some cool ideas to incorporate the tricolour while we celebrate the republic day at home or offices.

Here are 5 cool ideas to celebrate Republic Day with the tricolour theme.

Tricolour Indian Badge

The tricolour Indian badge is a cool way to display your pride in being an Indian. There are several creative designs of badges that can be pinned up on your dress to represent the Indian National Flag and mark the patriotic spirit of the Indian Republic.

Tricolour Children’s Dress

Let the children get into the festive spirit of Republic Day with the tricolour dresses. There are some amazing and classy outfit ideas to fill up the patriotic fervour in the young minds. Let the young children grow up celebrating the spirit of Indian patriotism.

Tricolour Women’s Outfits

Express your patriotic spirit clearly through stylish, elegant outfits. Pick a dupatta, saree or salwar with the tricolour theme to join in the festivities of Republic Day. If you want, you can include one of the three colours in the Indian National Flag to mark the Republic Day.

Tricolour Women’s Jewellery

Let your patriotism reflect without a doubt through statement tricolour women’s jewellery. You can use accessories such as hairbands, bangles, ear rings or necklaces to make a classy fashion statement while also honouring the patriotic spirit of being an Indian this Republic Day.

Tricolour Decorations

Get the celebrations for Republic Day absolutely going with the celebratory tricolour party decorations. Let the tricolour balloons along with flags light up your rooms to reflect the republic spirit of the country. Therefore, decorate your offices and homes with the delightful decorations to celebrate Republic Day.

Brighten up your patriotic spirit this Republic Day with these cool tricolour ideas.