The Turkish mosaic lamps are glamorous artefacts that spread warm glow suffused with beautiful rich colours. If you want to create an enchanting ambience and mood with light in your home, go for dazzling handcrafted Turkish stained glass lamp.

The beautifully crafted Turkish lamps have a timeless charm besides stunning sophistication that adds a magical spellbinding facet to your home décor. The purpose of the Turkish stained glass lamp is essentially not to provide light for doing work but to create an illuminating art piece for your interior space.

Let’s look at 5 Turkish mosaic lamps that will provide an enchanting aura to the interiors of your home.

Mushroom Shaped Turkish Lamp

The mushroom shaped Turkish table lamp is made from hand cut pieces of high quality glass beads creating a stunning illumination. The mosaic is filled with vibrant colours that will brighten up any space it is placed in. The ravishing stained glass lamp comes with a cord and a plug.
Dimensions : 17x17x23 (LxWxH)
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Glass Multicolour Turkish Lamps

The barrel shaped Turkish glass lamp is a beautiful, elegant lamp that will revitalize the room. The beautiful mosaic pattern creates a stunning display when lighted. The Turkish table lamp creates a striking effect and rich glow to the interiors of your home.
Dimensions – 14x14x24 cm (LxWxH)
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Glass Oval Turkish Lamp

The stunning oval shaped Turkish glass lamps makes a smashing display in your interiors. The beautiful mosaic pattern creates a magical and charming ambience. Create sensational luminescence in your interiors with this beautiful glass light stained glass lamp.
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Spherical Glass Mosaic Turkish lamp

The spherical Turkish ceiling lamp will make an impressive display on your ceiling. The beautiful mosaic pattern will produce a magical splash of colours, filling the room with warm radiance. One can use a 50w yellow bulb to create a rich ambience.
Dimensions : 26x26x14 cm (LxWxH)
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Designer Glass Wall Turkish lamp

The beautiful lamp shaped Turkish lamp makes for a spectacular display on the walls. The floral mosaic will add a delightful charm to your interiors. The handmade lamp will provide a lovely pop of colour to your elegant home decor.
Dimensions : 11x11x17 cm (LxWxH)
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Create a glowing warm interior in your home with these stunning Turkish glass lamps.