Honey, nature’s very own antiseptic has some amazing healthy benefits that makes it a must have in your daily food intake. Give a healthy start to your day by incorporating uses of honey in your daily breakfast routine.

Add a dash of honey in your morning tea, coffee or your breakfast dishes to give a healthy kick start to the day and reap the amazing healthy benefits of natural honey. Let’s look at 5 uses of honey that you can get by incorporating honey in your morning routine.

• Honey aids in weight loss. Honey can burn body fat even when you are sleeping. Having it first thing in the morning with lukewarm lemon water or tea will increase the metabolism of the body.

• Honey has medicinal properties that helps build a robust immune system if consumed daily. The antioxidants in honey help fight bacteria, viruses and fungi causing infections.

• Honey comforts sore throat and reduces cough. Studies have found that honey reduces cough symptoms and improves sleep among children with cough infections.

• Honey reduces bad cholesterol and improves good cholesterol. Regular honey consumption can bring down triglyceride levels making your heart healthy.

• Natural honey is a healthy substitute for sugar if you have sweet tooth. Honey is a liquid sweetener made up of glucose and fructose along with beneficial natural minerals.

So, revitalize your health routine by adding the amazing uses of honey to your breakfast. Let’s look at 5 top natural honey that you can add to your daily breakfast routine.

Dabur Honey Squeezy Pack

Dabur honey is natural honey with rich antioxidants and minerals that will boost your immune system. Dabur honey is 100% compliant on all the 22 parameters mandated by FSSAI for testing honey. To boost metabolism, add one tablespoon of Dabur honey to lukewarm water. Follow this breakfast routine for 90 days to see results.
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Saffola Honey 100% Pure

Saffola honey is natural honey that contains natural antioxidants and is a rich source of nutrition for your family. Saffola honey is tested and approved by the latest NMR technology making it free from adulteration. Add Safola honey to your breakfast routine for a healthy start.
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Bonphool Natural Mangrove Honey

Bonphool natural honey is collected by Maulis of Sundarban from the Sundarban Mangrove forest. Bonphool honey is less viscous with strong aroma and rich flavour of mangrove flowers. Begin your day with natural Bonphool honey and contribute towards the betterment of Maulis and conservation of Royal Bengal Tiger in Sundarban.
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Zandu Pure Honey

Zandu honey is undoubtedly pure natural honey with guaranteed purity. Zandu honey also provides the nutritional benefits of honey making it a healthy substitute for sugar. The squeeze of Zandu natural honey will not only make your breakfast delicious but also healthy.
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House of Nutrition 100% Pure Honey

The House of Nutrition honey is an absolutely natural honey made from sanitized nectar giving the honey a clear and smooth texture. The natural honey is also filled with essential minerals that will improve your all round health. Thus, the natural honey with no added sugar is just a perfect accompaniment for your breakfast.
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Add a dose of honey to your breakfast dishes to make a healthy start for the day.