There is absolutely no surprise about the most popular word of 2020 – Pandemic. According to the Merriam–Webster, the famous American dictionary the word of the year goes to pandemic. From the beginning of March, the word has been searched 1,15,806 per cent higher than look-ups experienced on the same date the previous year. The search was not primarily to know the meaning but the public was attempting to further understand and research about pandemic.

There is no doubt that 2020 will be etched into our minds as the year of covid-19 pandemic. The word pandemic has its roots in Greek, where Pan means all and demos means population. The pandemic has claimed over one million lives across the globe and continues to peak regularly. It is no wonder that coronavirus was the runner up as the most popular word of 2020. Quarantine, asymptomatic, and sanitizer also made it to the list of the top words.

Every year, new words make it to the dictionary due to its increased usage in formal communication. In the beginning of 2020, several new words made it to the dictionary. Here is a summary of 2020 with some of the words that made it to the dictionary in 2020.

The year 2020 has been hellacious due to the pandemic with widespread discussions over whether the covid-19 crisis was brought on by climate emergency. During this period, Peoplekind was confined to homes enjoying screentime without having to suffer nomophobia, some of us busy with sharent and zoom. We all got buzzy about sanitizing and immunity boosting foods. The quarantine period forced some of us into being sober-curious. The climate emergency across the world has forced us to give serious thought to carbon sink and permaculture. While freegans are doing their bit to protect mother earth, it is critical that each one of us took steps to reduce our plastic footprint.

Most of us spent 2020 angried and angsting, while some suffered from amotivation. We were forced to live in bare-bones with no opportunity to chillax by the beachside. Here’s hoping that covid-19 will soon come to an end and 2021 will be awesomesauce.

Meanings Explained

Hellacious – A bad or awful experience
Climate emergency – Urgent required to reduce climate change and protect the environment
Peoplekind – A gender-neutral alternative to mankind
Screentime – Amount of time spent looking at the screen of an electric device
Nomophobia – Fear or worry at the idea of being without your phone or unable to use it.
Sharent – To frequently use social media to share photos or info about one’s child
Zoom – To communicate with a group of people through video chatting
Buzzy– Something that generates excitement and gets people talking
Sober-curious – Experimenting with a period of not drinking alcohol
Carbon sink – Something natural that absorbs more carbon than it releases carbon dioxide like trees
Permaculture – Is a portmanteau word combining words permanence and agriculture which means sustainable farming or agriculture
Freegans – Is also a portmanteau combining words free and vegan which means someone who do not like to waste food as millions of people go hungry. Freegans rely on food dumped by supermarkets.
Plastic footprint – Amount of plastic one uses and throws away with regards to safeguarding the environment.
Angried- Someone who is upset due to being angry
Angsting – Worrying over something
Amotivation– Having no motivation or purpose
Bare-bones – Something basic and minimal
Chillax– A combination of words chill and relax meaning to take it easy
Beachside – The area beside a beach
Awesomesauce – Extremely good

Do share your opinion on the most popular word of 2020.